Sales Training for Digital Dealerships

Sales Training for Digital Dealerships

Sales Training for Digital Dealerships

It is harder than ever to place your dealership in front of a buyer. The internet has made it almost impossible for your dealership to be noticed online without substantial upgrades to your SEO. So when your business is finally in front of a buyer your selling team needs to be best prepared to make a sale. Your salespeople must understand who the new digital customer is so that they may be better prepared to sell to them. So how is this “digital” customer different from customers 20 years ago? The answer is that customers today have much more information in their pocket than ever before and with that information they are granted a greater deal of buying power.

Salespeople must leverage this information as well. The online customer will likely respond negatively to traditional selling techniques so a different approach is necessary. In order for salespeople to be best positioned to seize this opportunity they must take on different roles. The role of an advisor or guide is best in this new situation. Low pressure selling has seen great effectiveness in this type of position and customers will likely respond best to a low pressure, self-controlled process.

Digital dealerships need to educate the customer on all of the benefits of using the internet to best engage them when they are in the buying process so as to provide the best experience possible. When salespeople are being trained a key area of focus should be put on identifying all of the benefits that come with customer relationship management to create a strong loyalty between your digital dealership and the customer.

If your dealership has been online for a while then you’ve probably heard of the term “content is king”. This phrase holds true for any site in general. What this means is that customers go online knowing what it is they want and will not wait for your dealership to have it, they will simply move on. It can be difficult to predict what online customers want, but with time you will be able to create content that catches the eye of your customers. One of the most useful tools in qualifying what pages on your site have good/bad content is Google Analytics. By creating an account and paying close attention to the metrics you will be able to specify what content needs to go and what can stay.

Since the online interaction is not face to face, your sales team and customer service team must be on the ball when it comes to following up with customers. Timely answers to questions regarding available inventory and updates on your site/social media are key when your dealership goes digital. Fully integrated sales/customer relation teams will share key information with each other that will enable each team to more effectively drive overall customer satisfaction.

Essentially the tactics and strategy is the same when selling online. You must listen to your customer and provide a solution that offers more value at a better price than your competitors. The only difference is the type of interaction that your teams will have with each customer and the amount of knowledge this “digital customer” will have. Integrate your information sharing with CRM systems like Salesforce to better position your digital dealership to deal with the digital customer. Train your sales team to use low pressures selling techniques so as to guide the buyer into a purchase and let them decide to buy, not to decide to be sold to. The internet will prove to be difficult at first, but if you treat your customers the same way you would in person, with respect and genuine care, your digital dealership will flourish.

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