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AutoJini’s CRM Features

Our CRM Dashboard keeps an overview of your most important information at your fingertips. Conveniently explore numerical changes in your Leads,

Appointments, and Sales right on your Dashboard. Navigate to any of the following pages using the side menu.

Our features were hand-picked to best serve the needs of our auto dealerships:


Create strong relationships with your dealership’s customers. Enter and track your leads easily. You’ll never forget about a lead or have to dig through old files when you use this new CRM software. Add notes, send emails to your leads, or create tasks all from one location. View which sales representative is responsible for each lead, and find out what vehicle(s) they are interested in.


Once your customers have decided on a vehicle you can take them through the purchasing process. Create a New Deal, and enter the necessary information.

Credit Application

Your dealership can review the credit application in the CRM. Once approved, the credit pulls from multiple credit bureaus, and then you can submit the application to lenders. Simplify the financing process with AutoJini's credit apps.


Use AutoJini's Contact Management System to keep your contacts organized. Easily enter the information, and search for a contact by name, email, or phone number when you need to find someone in a pinch. You can segment your contacts by groups such as employees, customers, etc.


This Inventory Management System allows you to update your inventory data efficiently. We offer unlimited inventory and space for unlimited high-resolution vehicle images. You can set up automated price rules based on multiple factors. Export your data to any of AutoJini's many partners to increase your online presence.



What is automotive CRM / What is dealership CRM?

CRM (customer relationship management system) is technology that helps your business manage your interactions and relationships with your customers. Automotive CRM or dealership CRM is specific to auto dealers and includes features that are more tailored for the daily tasks of a dealership. Our automotive CRM comes with features including leads, deals, credit application, appointments, tasks, contacts, and inventory.

What is CRM in the automotive industry?

CRM (customer relationship management software) is especially important in the automotive industry because a car is an expensive purchase for any customer. People want to spend money where they feel cared about, and a CRM will help you build stronger relationships with your customers.

What makes a good CRM?

A good CRM (customer relationship management system) is one that is tailored for your type of business. At AutoJini, our CRM is tailored for auto dealers to help them build better relationships with customers. Our features were hand-picked to serve the needs of dealerships.

What does a CRM do?

A CRM (customer relationship management software) is software used to help manage your interactions and relationships with customers. Most CRMs come with features to handle your administrative tasks such as appointments, tasks, contacts, and to log information about your customers.

Why do you need a CRM for your dealership?

Automotive CRM (customer relationship management system) helps you never miss a lead again. You or members of your sales team can log notes from interactions, calls, and emails with your customers, making it easy for you or other employees to pick up where you left off. Cut down on time and money spent on administrative tasks with automotive CRM that does it for you. Our dealership CRM has other features that are tailored for auto dealers such as credit application, leads, contacts, inventory, and more.