Inventory Management

Effortlessly Manage Your Auto Inventory with Our Customized Web Design Solutions

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  •   Unlimited Inventory
  •   Smart Price Rules
  •   Beautiful Hi-Res Images
  •   Trade-in Forms
  •   Bulk Editing Abilities
  •   Automatic Updates

Your Inventory is Your Business

Get ready to revolutionize your inventory management! Our system is not only user-friendly but it's also built to work with you in the most efficient way possible. With the ability to set up unlimited automated price rules, you can adjust vehicle prices based on age, year, make, model, or trim with ease. Plus, you can create your own custom categories for your cars, tailored exactly to your needs.

The best part? We don't dictate how you manage your inventory - you have full control to manage it however you like. And, we'll get your inventory online quickly, so you can start selling in no time. Let's take your inventory management to the next level!

Inventory Management Features:

Unlimited Inventory
Smart Price Rules
Beautiful Hi-Res Images
Trade-in Forms
Bulk Editing Abilities
Automatic Updates to Changes
VIN Decoding
Recently Viewed Vehicles
Vehicle Configuration and Pricing Tools

Our Inventory Management solution is designed specifically for auto dealerships, and it includes a range of features that will help you manage your inventory more efficiently. From vehicle data management to reporting and analysis, our solution has everything you need to stay on top of your inventory and maximize your profits.

With our Inventory Management solution, you'll be able to:

  • Easily manage your inventory with intuitive tools and software
  • Organize and track vehicle data, including make, model, year, and mileage
  • Generate custom reports and analysis to better understand your inventory performance
  • Set up automatic alerts and notifications to stay informed about your inventory
  • Streamline your operations and save time and resources

Additional Inventory Management Features:

  • Automated Incentives
  • Data Points
  • Upload multiple images in one go
  • Image Overlays
  • Vehicle history reports
  • Multiple Locations support under one login
  • Upload images from mobile devices

Inventory Management FAQ

What is the meaning of an inventory management system?

An inventory management system is software that lets you list, enter information for, and showcase your vehicles at your dealership. This makes it easier to find information about each of your vehicles, and it helps you get more customers to visit your lot by showcasing your cars to an online audience.

What is inventory management and why is it important for dealers?

When you have an inventory management system, it is much easier to find information about each vehicle as well as having that information accessible to your website visitors. This is important for dealers because customers do extensive research before entering a dealership, and if your cars are not online for customers to view, they won’t notice your dealership during the buying process.

What are the requirements for effective inventory management?

An effective inventory management system for auto dealers would include VIN decoding, vehicle history reports, ability to organize your cars in any way you want, and data points to list a few. AutoJini’s inventory management system includes all of that and more!

What is a DMS (Dealer Management System)?

A dealer management system (DMS) can be thought of as a mix of CRM (customer relationship management), a CMS (content management system) for your dealer website, and an inventory management system. AutoJini is essentially a DMS because we provide all of these services to you together.