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  •   AdWords Audit
  •   Bid Management
  •   Ad Creation
  •   Conversion Tracking
  •   Keyword Research
  •   Data & Analytics
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Google AdWords is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use as a dealership.

Google processes over 8.5 billion searches daily, making Google Ads a prominent force in online advertising. However, mastering Google Ads is challenging. At AutoJini, we recognize that Google Ads require continuous attention. We provide customized SEO services in Google Ads specifically for the auto industry. Our expertise is built on years of experience in automotive marketing, enabling us to deliver effective online car advertising strategies.

We Constantly Monitor Your Google Ads ROI

  • We review your underperforming ads & remove them
  • We evaluate your target market & understand how to approach them
  • We hold monthly meetings with you to ensure your vision is carried out
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AutoJini’s Google Ads Marketing Solutions:

AdWords Audit
Bid Management
Ad Creation
Conversion Tracking
Keyword Research
Data & Analytics
Continuous Campaign Improvement
Cost Control Management
Daily Monitoring

Dynamic Inventory Ads

AutoJini can enhance your dealership's visibility by leveraging dynamic inventory ads. These specialized ads display specific vehicles from your inventory at the top of a customer's Google search results page. We create custom ads for each vehicle, regularly updating them with accurate pricing. By targeting local customers, we ensure that when someone searches for a car you have in stock, your dealership's listing for that vehicle is prominently showcased.

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Google Ads for Automotive Marketing

Partner with our experienced SEO team dedicated to the automotive industry for over 20 years. Unlike other agencies using automated systems, we adopt a hands-on approach. Our in-house team manually fine-tunes your Google Ads, bids, and text to secure top-page positioning. We prioritize accuracy over automated errors, meticulously reviewing and refining every element of your Google Ads campaign to optimize performance.

Google Ads FAQ

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads allow you to create text ads, video ads, and visual ads to place on Google and on their search network sites. When you search for a product or service on Google, you’ll often see results at the top that have a little box that says “Ad” on the left side. Those are actually Google Ads that someone else has paid for to place there.

What is the difference between Google AdWords and Google Ads?

Google Ads was formerly known as Google AdWords until it was changed in 2018 due to rebranding.

How much does a Google ad cost for car dealers?

The cost of Google Ads depends on the scope of your operations and the number and type of ads you put out. This will depend on your ad type, your location, how popular the targeted keyword is, and a number of other factors. Although it is difficult to give you an exact amount, we are happy to figure out an estimate for you.

How do I place a car ad on Google?

To place an ad for your car(s) on Google, you will need to set up a Google Ads account for your dealership. After you set up your account, you will want to set a targeted location and choose your keywords. For more information, call us at 515-232-2024.

Is it better to advertise my cars on Facebook or Google?

Whether you choose to advertise your dealership on Facebook or Google will depend on who you are targeting and what your long-term goals are. Facebook lets you target to a more niche audience, while Google gets more views in general. Click here for more information about automotive Facebook ads.

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