How To Create a Google+ Business Page - Tutorial for Auto Dealers

How To Create a Google+ Business Page - Tutorial for Auto Dealers


How to create a Google+ business page for your dealership

Google+ is a social media site that allows dealerships to post links and updates to their page, upload photos, participate in discussions, and it also has the option of video conference calling called hangouts. In order to create a Google+ business page you have to have a personal profile first. Google+ is an emerging online marketing tool that can build your dealership’s awareness and search engine results. You can add any Google+ business page to your circle, +1 (similar to “like” on Facebook), and comment on any content.

1. Type in in the URL. Click on You+on the top left hand side of the screen to be taken to Google+ homepage.
2. If you don’t already have a personal account, you can create one by clicking Sign In. It requires that you use a Gmail account. If you don’t have a Gmail account, you can make one by clicking create an account.
3. Use a Gmail account that can be available for use to multiple people in your dealership. If you choose to create a new Gmail account, fill in all the blanks to make your account. Check the first box that says you agree with the terms and then click Next Step.
4. Now add a profile picture by clicking Add ProfilePhoto and click select photo from computer. Locate your picture on the computer and click open. When it uploads drag the square box to fit your picture then click set as profile picture.
5. Click Next. Then click Continue with Google+.
6. You will be asked to start to follow people on Google+. Select some categories that interest you or pertain to your business. Click Continue and then fill in the additional profile informationif you would like then click Finish.
7. Since you have just created your personal profile, you will now need to create your business page. On the left hand side of the homepage mouse over on “More” and click Create a Google+ Page.
8. On right hand side of the page Click Create New Page
9. Select which type of page you want to make and then fill in the correct information. Check the box that says I agree to the page terms and click Create
10. Customize your page by adding a tagline for your dealership and uploading a profile picture. I suggest uploading your company logo.Once you’re finished, click Continue.
11. Click Finish. Your business page is now complete! Google+ gives a tutorial about what’s available to you. I recommend customizing it a little bit further by adding some photos to your profile and posting some content to your page. Then you will want to spread the word about your new page and add people to your circle. Start discussions and get followers involved so they have a reason to follow you. Post content that pertains to potential customers and followers and offer advice to them. The more engaging your page is the more effective,and valuable it is in lead generation. It’s important to do this by adding new, fresh content regularly and responding to your fans’ comments.

Making the most of your Google+ account

The +1 button is similar to the tweet or like button, and even shows up in a Google search. You must link your Google+ page to your company website using Direct Connect so followers can easily search for your company. According to Hubspot, websites that used and made the +1 widget available, generated 3.5 times more traffic.

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