Cost Effective Methods to Promote Service Departments and Increase Profits

Cost Effective Methods to Promote Service Departments and Increase Profits


You’re a dealership, right? And your core business is selling cars? May be. You need to remember that service departments are actually the workhorse of dealerships and bring in over half the total profits earned. So why aren’t dealerships spending the time promoting their service department like they promote a brand new Ford truck? (If you have a good reason, I’d love to hear it.) Here are a few easy ideas that can get you started and on your way to a successful sales month without spending big bucks.

Video - Customers need reasons to choose you over other dealerships. Give them a reason using videos on your website. Videos should include services repairs in action, featuring any cutting-edge tools used.
Film a weekly video of a maintenance guy demonstrating a tip such as “How to select the right windshield wiper blade for your car” or “How to properly inflate the tires.” Videos increase a customer’s time on your website, and the longer they poke around the website, the more likely they will be to make a purchase.

Maintenance Timeline - There are many routine checkups necessary to keep their car in a good running condition. Why not remind people of these routine maintenance services? Create a maintenance timeline as a cool graphic and include things such as change oil after so many miles and tire rotation after these many miles. Make it visually appealing so customers will look at it and want to use it, and post it on your website and social media pages. It’s a great chance for you to show you care and want customers fully satisfied with their purchase. It is also a great way to regularly bring customers into your service department.

Incentives - You probably already offer some kind of coupon or discount on services, but are they posted on your website and social media pages? Start regularly posting a weekly incentive so customers visit your website often to check for the new coupon. Before a winter storm hits offer a price cut on tires, or during the hot summer months have an air conditioning service discount. Offer a “Schedule Service” on your website where customers are able to set up a maintenance appointment so they never miss a routine checkup again! Send out e-mails to remind customers about their scheduled appointment, or ask to schedule another appointment. Reward customers who schedule appointments by offering incentives like “3 oil changes get the 4th one free” promotion to keep your customers coming back.

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