Conversion Basics


Beginning of new year and everyone is taking about conversion rate... so I'll jump into this  and give my thoughts and explain bit more on:

In this two part series first we are going to look at, what is conversion rate?

Since most dealership sites are actually lead generation sites,  the conversion rate  is the number of visitors as a percentage of total visitors who complete a form and you are able to contact them again. So in our case a successful convert is someone who has completed one of the online lead generating forms or got in touch with your dealership through your website. A dealership website commonly convert around 1%-3% rate.

So what are some of these lead generating forms? Well it could be any of these... the more you have on your dealership website the better.

  • Contact Form.
  • Test Drive Form
  • Quick Quote Form
  • Online Vehicle Configurator
  • KBB or Black Book Trade In
  • Schedule a Test Drive
  • Online Winnings (Free Gas, Signed Baseball, etc)
  • Click to View Price (simple email, name, phone form)
  • Online Coupons
  • Parts Request
  • Service Appointment Form
  • Finance Form
  • Vehicle Locator
  • Live Chat
  • Click To Call
  • Pre-Approval Form
  • Contact this staff member
  • Mailing list signups

So thats the basics of what conversion rate is and where it can happen on your site... next  we will look at how to increase your dealership website conversion rate.

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