7 Automotive Video Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Sales – Why 2020 is the Year of Car Video Marketing


7 Automotive Video Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Sales – Why 2020 is the Year of Car Video Marketing

2020 is the year of automotive video marketing. If you don’t have videos for your dealership, now is a great time to get started. Customers are more likely to watch a video than they are to read content. It’s easier to consume video content than it is to read an article, a blog post or a web page. While a big block of text might cause a user to exit your page or dealer website, a video will encourage them to stay more engaged.

It helps create a brand image for your dealership. Along with your script, videos have an audio and visual component that leave a stronger impression on your customers. This is important as you build and strengthen your dealership’s brand image. Videos also give you richer content to post across your social media pages, which helps you connect with your customers.

Videos also help boost your dealer website SEO (search engine optimization) by increasing the average session duration of your web pages. It is easy to skip through written content on a website, but a video really engages the user and keeps them on your page for longer.

Here are 7 automotive video marketing ideas to boost your sales:

1. Tutorials or How-To Videos
Tutorials are really popular on YouTube because they are highly searched for, and they are shared often by users. Why not make your own tutorial videos for your dealership? Here are some ideas:

  • How to change your tires
  • How to know when it’s time to change your engine oil
  • How to prepare your car for a trade-in appraisal
  • How to change your windshield wipers


2. Customer Testimonials
Did you know that people trust customer reviews as much as they would trust a recommendation from a friend or family member? Customer testimonials get a lot more personal when you put a face to it, which is exactly what a video review will do. Ask your customers if any of them are willing to let you record a video review.

3. Video Tour of Your Cars
It’s good to have photos of your cars for your online inventory showcase, but videos take it to the next level. It will show your customers that you are willing to put in the extra effort, and videos will leave a longer-lasting impression than pictures will.

4. Sales Event Video
If you have some sort of special or sales event going on, a video is a great way to let your customers know what’s happening. People are more likely to remember information from a video than they are from just text.

5. Meet the Staff Video
One of the major reasons why people don’t like visiting dealerships in person is because they don’t want to deal with face-to-face interaction. It’s hard to trust people that you’ve only just met. “Meet the Staff” pages on your dealership website are great, but videos are an even better way to introduce your employees to your customers before they even set foot in your physical dealership!

6. Tips and Valuable Information
When you produce valuable content for your dealership customers, it keeps them coming back to your website for more. It is also a good way to boost your dealership website’s SEO (search engine optimization) by showing customers and search engines that you are an expert in the automotive field.

Here are some video ideas for your dealership:

  • Managing your credit score
  • Preparing your car for a trade-in
  • Coupes vs sedans vs SUVs
  • What type of car best suits your daily needs


7. Video Tour of Your Dealership
Give your customers a feel of what your dealership is like with a video tour. This will help your customers feel more comfortable when they visit your dealership in person, and it can be a fun way to showcase your brand image and creativity!

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