Facebook Ads for Dealerships

Facebook has over 1 billion users, and almost one fifth of that is within the United States and Canada. Facebook has made itself the most well-known social media platform since its inception in 2004. This means that right now is the best time ever to start marketing on Facebook. Facebook is different in its approach to search marketing and allows users to employ two different tactics. The first is the traditional PPC ads that serve as re-marketing services. The second is the ability to directly advertise on the news feeds of users that are relevant to your business.

With both of these techniques being used, users of Facebook will be driven to your page and possibly share and like it. Not only will you benefit from the ads themselves on Facebook, but you will also benefit from the unpaid marketing you will obtain from users driven to your page as a result from the ads.

What our Facebook Ads can do for You

  • Ad submission
  • PPC campaign monitoring
  • Direct news feed monitoring
  • Cost management
  • Discovery of keywords and selection
  • Profile page optimization suggestions
  • Automotive centered lead tracking
  • Continuous campaign improvement
  • Updated reports on how your campaign is doing

Advertising for Autos

Here at AutoJini, we know how important it is to capture an audience. We want to help you find yours. Our PPC campaign managers know the car industry and how to best target customers. We guarantee we will bring leads to your site!

Facebook Campaign Pricing

The price of a Facebook Campaign is dependent on the scope of your operations. It is difficult for us to give a blanket quote for all Facebook campaigns since it will vary depending on the volume of accounts and keywords in play. That being said, if you’re interested in getting a quote, contact us to check availability, and we will give you a free quote.


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