Google Ads for Car Dealers

Rank in Top Spots Without Breaking the Bank

Google processes over 3.5 billion searches every day, making it today’s most used search engine. With that kind of traffic going through Google, it is crucial to have an AdWords presence if you want efficient PPC. Competition for top spots is higher than ever on Google, and you can only compete for higher volume keywords if you’re willing to increase your budget.

We will get your page ranking in the top spots of Google searches for auto dealerships. At AutoJini, we use a method that is more cost-efficient for our dealers by selecting a higher number of the best low-volume keywords.

A well-balanced campaign in Google Ads will ensure that your PPC efforts aren’t wasted. We can make your ads stand out from the others on search engine results pages (SERPs). We use all of the available extensions that Google Ads provides. Our Google Ads team knows all the ins and outs of Google and can take the stress off of you while you concentrate on what matters most.

You Set it, We Won’t Forget it!

Google Ads can be tricky to use, as it is constantly changing each day. It might work one day, and the next day it won’t. At AutoJini, we will continuously research car and auto trends, check to see what is being searched, and update ad groups and keywords for you. Once you set up a campaign with us, we promise to do our part every day.

What to Expect From our Google Ads Campaigns:

  • Placement among the top car & auto search results
  • Continuous campaign improvement
  • Specific keyword selections
  • Conversion tracking
  • PPC monitoring and management
  • Cost control management
  • Ad creation and placement

Google Ads for the Auto Industry

Most PPC companies cover a broad range of industries, which is good for their profit, but it doesn’t mean they are the right choice for you. At AutoJini, we specifically focus on optimizing car dealership PPC efforts. Our in-house team has been around the auto industry for over a decade. That means we understand auto dealership PPC marketing better than anyone.

Campaign Pricing

Contact us today to get a free quote! It is difficult for us to give a blanket quote for all audits since it will vary depending on the volume of accounts and keywords in play, and it is also dependent on the extent of your activities. However, we are happy to check availability and give you a free estimate.