Dealership Branding

Your dealership brand is more than just its logo — it’s the way customers will remember your dealership, and it is the foundation of your company. Effectively branding your dealership connects you to your customers, creates a feeling of trust and loyalty, and improves foot and online traffic to your car dealership.

How can you maintain or improve your dealership’s brand image?

The answer is to have high Brand Equity by shaping how your customers think and feel about your dealership.

Brand Equity has 3 parts:

  1. Brand awareness describes how many people know about your dealership.
  2. Brand association describes what people associate with your dealership’s brand.
  3. Brand loyalty describes how loyal your customers are to your dealership.

Ways to improve your Branding:

  • Consistency – Cultivate a consistent image of your dealership.
  • Authenticity – Your brand should establish authenticity and leadership.
  • A dealership-wide brand – Make sure that you use the same logo and tag lines across all forms of communication.

The goal is to create an ideal yet authentic image of how you want your customers to perceive your dealership and stick to it. Make sure all of your communications, employee interactions, website, social media, and more are all consistent to that image.

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