5 Free Digital Marketing Tools for Your Dealership


5 Free Digital Marketing Tools for Your Dealership

Now that you have a responsive website for your dealership, your next step is to market your dealership and bring more visitors to your dealer site. A lot of business owners are reluctant to start a marketing campaign due to costs, but digital marketing doesn’t need to be expensive. There are plenty of free resources online to help you with your online marketing campaigns.

At AutoJini, we have compiled a list of 5 free digital marketing tools for your dealership. You can use them at no cost, but the benefits will bring you more traffic and sales. Keep reading to find our top 5 free tools for dealerships!

1. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test
It is crucial to have a responsive, mobile-friendly website in today’s automotive market. Does your website display on tablets and smartphones? People are likely to close your website out of frustration if your dealer site won’t load properly on mobile devices. Google offers a free tool to test how mobile-friendly your website is.

2. Canva
Canva.com is free to use, and it is a great resource to create designs if you don’t have the best skills in graphic designing. You can use Canva to create flyers, email marketing campaigns, advertisements, and more! You have to create an account, but they show you how to use Canva, and you can import your own photos as well.

The free version offers enough designs and tools for most design projects. To get access to more designs and features you will have to pay for a premium membership, but all of the basic features are free to use.

3. Facebook Page Insights
This is a great tool to see the analytics of your dealership’s Facebook page. For more tips on how to drive traffic to your Facebook page, click here.

You can use the data found from your Facebook page insights to find out what is working for you, what you need to change, and what to improve on.

While there’s a lot of information to look at, these are the things we recommend checking first:

  • General data: How many people are engaging with your page or posts?
  • Demographics: Which groups of people are interacting with the content on your page?
  • Post times: What time or day of the week are your followers more likely to use Facebook or engage with your posts?


By using the free insights that Facebook provides, you can improve your overall Facebook marketing campaign and figure out what strategies you need to implement.

4. Hemingway App
This app checks your grammar, word choice, and highlights lengthy or complex sentences in your writing. Hemingway App is a great tool to get your blogs, emails, and web content reviewed before you post it. Grammar and good writing are the baselines for effective communication.

For more tips on starting a blog for your dealership, click here

5. Yelp
Do you have a listing on Yelp.com? Customers use Yelp to find information and reviews on local businesses. Did you know that customers trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from their friends and family? Creating a listing on Yelp and managing or responding to reviews is a free, great way to manage your online reputation and build a stronger community presence. Be sure to enter your information correctly, have high-quality photos ready to upload, and monitor your page regularly.

These tools serve to help you get started on a digital marketing campaign for your dealership. While they won’t give you a full-blown marketing campaign, they can assist you as you begin your marketing journey. Are you ready the take the next step? Our digital marketing experts are eager to talk with you today. With 18+ years of automotive marketing experience, AutoJini is here to take your dealership to a whole new level.

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