How to Start a Blog for Your Dealership Website


How to Start a Blog for Your Dealership Website

Blogging is a proven and cost-effective way to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your dealership’s website. It will increase your rankings on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), and it will entice your customers to visit your site more frequently by providing them valuable information. Your dealership website will be more unique and stand out from the competition. It also gives you more content to post and share for your social media marketing.

A regularly updated blog provides recurring new content to search engines, which shows them that you are an expert on the topic. Your ranking on SERPs will increase because your dealer website will be an authority domain for related searches.

Coming up with content to write regularly can be frustrating, as well as challenging and time-consuming. To help you get started, we made a guide on how to start up your dealership blog. To learn more, keep reading!

  1. Put your blog on your dealer website
    Don’t make the mistake of creating a separate website for your blog. That will defeat the purpose of increasing your SEO rankings for your dealer website. Surprisingly, this is a common mistake that businesses make. Your blog should be integrated into your dealership’s website.

    At AutoJini, all of our websites come with a built-in blogging platform. This makes it easy to integrate your blog on your automotive website.
  2. Write and schedule out blog posts.
    The key is to be consistent. Both customers and search engines favor regular and consistent blog posts. An excellent way to make sure your blog posts are consistent is to write content ahead of time and have them scheduled to post in a timely manner. Once a month or once every other week is a good place to start if you don’t have a lot of time to write blog posts.

    Don’t know what to write about? Here are some ideas to help you get started:

    • Employee introductions
    • Reviews of cars that are on your lot
    • Promoting other local events that are happening near your area (including city names is helpful in attracting local customers online)
    • Deals or specials
    • How-to guides (how to fix your tire, how to change your engine oil, etc.)
  3. Add links to other pages on your site.
    When you write your blog posts, make sure you add links to other pages on your dealer website. Potential customers that are reading your blogs may click on those links and learn more about your dealership. The end goal is to give people more reasons to visit and to stay on your dealership site. Be careful not to overdo this, though, as you don’t want to have a blog post that is just a bunch of links.
  4. Share your blog posts on social media.
    Blog posts can be a great addition to your social media marketing by directing users to your website. Customers may also share or repost your blogs, which brings you additional traffic at no cost. It’s also great for when you need content to post on your social media pages, but don’t have anything to post.

    Posting your blogs on social media will also increase your follower count because your customers want to keep up with the information you’re posting. People don’t want to follow a dealership Facebook page that only posts about their own sales. People do, however, want to follow a page that provides them regularly updated content and useful information.

    As you can see, blogging is a useful and inexpensive way to bring more visitors to your site, gain more followers on your social media pages, and improve your SEO. There’s no reason not to start your dealership blog now if you haven’t already! If you need any assistance, AutoJini is happy to help you in any way that you need.

    Want to make things even easier? AutoJini’s websites have built-in SEO and an easy-to-use blogging platform built into the site. Get started today!

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