5 Reasons Why Your Dealership Needs a Responsive Website


Responsive Website

Responsive websites have become more popular, especially since Google stated in 2015 that mobile-friendly and responsive websites would get better search engine rankings. Is your dealership website using a responsive web design? If you don’t know what a responsive website is, it is one that works seamlessly across all devices by adapting to the screen it’s presented on. Google recommends all sites to have a responsive design to ensure that users will get the best experience every time. Is your dealer website responsive?

We are in a digital age where our customers search for several car dealerships online before choosing which one to visit. Not only that, but most people are making searches on the go. A quick Google search on their smartphone or tablet will strongly influence where they choose to do their business in person. Over ¾ of American adults own a smartphone, and over half of them own a tablet. More importantly, 90% of American adults switch between their different devices when they’re using the internet. You are losing potential sales if you don’t have a website that is clean, professional-looking, and mobile-friendly.

Still not convinced that you should switch over to a responsive web design? Here are 5 reasons why your dealership needs to have a responsive website to boost your sales, drive more traffic to your lot, and gain new business.

  1. Mobile-Friendly
    The most significant benefit of a responsive website is that the layout adjusts automatically to fit any screen size. That means that your dealer site is mobile-friendly and tablet-friendly. People don’t do all their vehicle research sitting down in front of a desktop computer anymore. In today’s generation, we feel pressured to feel “busy” and “on-the-go,” resulting in the use of quick mobile searches during our free time.


  2. Faster Loading Time
    A responsive website is compatible with all browsers and devices, which makes the web pages load quickly. Many sites run slowly because they are trying to load so many images and graphics. Responsive websites deal with media files in a different way, which puts you ahead of your competition.
    You may be wondering, is it really so important to have a fast website? Well, the average person has an attention span of 7 seconds, which means that users will exit out of sites that don’t load fast enough for them. Don’t miss out on sales for a problem with an easy solution.


  3. Lower Bounce Rates
    A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who exit a website after seeing only a single page. Have you ever tried to visit a website, then closed out of it a few seconds later because it didn’t interest you? The more customers that do that, the higher your bounce rate will be. Since your pages will load faster with a responsive web design and look professional and attractive, users will be more likely to stay on your page.


  4. Better SEO
    How does Google decide which websites get to rank on the first page? Search engines program their algorithms based on the needs and requirements of their users. Websites that load quickly, have lower bounce rates, and can be used easily on any device are all criteria that search engines and their users use. Responsive websites meet all those requirements and more.


  5. More Visibility
    A website that ranks higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) means that your website is more visible and accessible to users online. This is precisely what you want, to rank higher and attract more and new customers to your dealership. Television and newspaper advertisements don’t work like they used to back in the day. Most of your web traffic is organic, which means that ads weren’t used to reach your website.

A lot of today’s issues with digital and online marketing can be fixed simply by having a responsive website. By eliminating other issues, you will see a fast increase in your productivity and your sales. AutoJini’s responsive websites have been proven to give you more traffic to your dealership website, a cleaner web design on all devices, and more time spent on your site. Team up with AutoJini and start selling more cars now!

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