Why You Should Start a Blog for Your Dealership


Why You Should Start a Blog for Your Dealership

Did you know that companies who blog receive up to 97% more links to their website, according to research from HubSpot? Every dealership today should have a blog. Running a blog is a form of content marketing, and it also happens to be the strongest one.

Content marketing is cost-effective strategy that brings more people to your dealership website,and strengthens your brand equity. Right now, content is the king (or queen) of search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing. With some creativity, hard work, and strategic planning, you can have your dealership blog up and running in no time!

Still not convinced to launch your dealer blog? Here are four reasons why you should start a blog for your dealer site.

Dealership blog benefit #1: More customers will visit your auto dealer website.
We recommend having the blog built into your dealership website to ensure that your customers will stay on one URL. Our websites come with a built-in blogging platform that lets you save drafts, schedule posts, view analytics, and run your own blog on your site!

Dealership blog benefit #2: Blog posts improve your SEO.
When you post regular content to your website, it brings more opportunities to bring people to your website. Customers will stay on your website for longer because there is more content to read, and if you include links to other blog posts or pages on your website within your blogs, they will continue to stay on your site.

Blog posts also help build site authority because by educating potential customers on car topics, you are not only establishing yourself as an expert in the field to your customers, but you are also recognized by search engines. This, in turn, helps boost your SEO.

Dealership blog benefit #3: Strengthen your brand equity.
A blog is an excellent way to keep in touch with your customers and promote a better sense of community. They help strengthen your relationship with previous customers and cultivate relationships with potential ones.

When you have your own dealership blog, you get to be in more control of your own stories. A blog serves as a news outlet or communication hub for your dealership. Improve your dealership branding efforts by using your own unique voice in your blogs, sharing pictures that align with your brand image, and sharing more content from your dealer site itself.

Dealership blog benefit #4: Improve your social media efforts.
Blog posts and social media go hand in hand. For many businesses, and especially car dealerships, it can be difficult to find engaging content to post on social media. Blog posts are the perfect way to connect with your social media followers and boost more traffic to your dealer site by offering them valuable content that directly takes users to your dealership website. When users can expect useful and unique blog posts from your dealer social media pages, they will be more engaged with your accounts and more likely to give you a follow.

Start your dealership blog with AutoJini today! For more tips, blog post ideas, and getting your dealership blog set up, call us today at 515-232-2024 or send us a message below.

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