How Can Long-tail Keywords Improve Your Dealership’s SEO?


Long-tail Keywords Improve Your Dealership’s SEO

Why are long-tail keywords important?
Long-tail keywords consist of 3 or more words that are related to your specific niche or location. They account for about 70% of search traffic according to Moz, and taking advantage of their benefits could increase the revenue for your auto dealership through more successful SEO. Since long-tail keywords are more specific, they result in higher click-through rates (CTR). The traffic on each long-tail keyword is usually less than 100 searches per month, but each of those searches has a higher chance of converting since it’s more related to what the car shopper is looking for. Since traffic and competition is often low for long-tail keywords, they are much more cost-effective. Searches with long-tail keywords often more accurately reflect the user’s intent. Find relevant long-tail keywords for your car dealership, and watch your online traffic and car sales increase!

How should your dealership choose its long-tail keywords?
Now that you’re convinced long-tail keywords are important, how can your dealership capitalize on this opportunity? First, you should focus on some quality main keywords that are 3 words or less. They should have more than 200 monthly searches and a higher level of competition. Research what short and long-tail keywords your competition is using to see what car buyers are searching for in your area. Using the Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool, you can enter your URL, a competitor’s URL, or a keyword to get more ideas.

Once you have your main keywords, you should choose longer phrases related specifically to your dealership. Do you offer financing? Which brands of vehicles do you sell? Do you sell new or used vehicles? What niche market does your auto dealership serve? Consider these questions when selecting your long-tail keywords. These phrases should be relevant to your auto dealership and have a lower monthly search volume. Try to find a few different variations of natural phrases related to the main aspects of your dealership. Since long-tail keywords are less expensive, you can use more keywords than if you were going after high search volume, high competition words.

These long-tail keywords should be present throughout your car dealer website. Include some of them in content and landing pages to make them more prominent. When you’re choosing keywords, you should really consider your target audience and what they’re searching for. Thinking like your potential customers will give your long-tail keywords a higher chance of being effective. Car shoppers often use different search words when they’re browsing, shopping, or ready to buy a vehicle. Do some research to appeal to your target market, or choose some long-tail keywords that attract consumers from any stage in their car-buying experience.

Your dealership’s main keywords and long-tail keywords should be monitored at least once a week. The conversion rate, profitability, bounce rate, ranking, and more can change quickly. Make sure that your auto dealership seo help you to ranks high with relevant keywords to keep car buyers coming to your dealership website.

Will it really make a difference?
Having quality long-tail keywords can be very beneficial, but it can’t make up for poor SEO in other areas or a mediocre website that isn’t easy to navigate. Be sure that you have responsive dealership website and user-friendly for potential car buyers before you focus on keywords. Long-tail keywords can help your dealership rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) since they help people more easily find exactly what they’re looking for. These tips have the potential to drastically increase your website traffic, conversion rates, and car sales!

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