Custom Auto Dealer Website Design

100% Customizable Web Designs for Auto Dealers

What is a custom built dealer website?

When other dealership website providers say they will give you a custom built dealer website, what they actually do is make you select from a pre-made template and let you change around a few features. A custom auto dealer website is not so customized to them after all.

When we say we will give you a 100% custom auto dealer website, we really mean it. Every part of your dealereship website can be customized to exactly the way you want it. Do you need that button to be just a little bit bigger and one shade darker? We can do that, because we know that every detail counts. 

We will build you a brand new custom dealership website from scratch, or we can take your current dealer website design and work with you to make it more unique. 

Take Control of Your Custom Dealership Website

Our first automotive client was an independent dealership website in 2000. Since then, we have worked with countless auto dealers to build industry-leading websites. We have truly dedicated our web services to the auto industry for the last 19 years.

When you choose AutoJini, you choose to take full control of your custom dealership website. You own your own domain name, while we merely manage it for you.

With our dealer content management system (CMS), you can make changes whenever you want that update instantly on your automotive website. We give you all the tools you need to succeed, and more.

Designed by Graphic Artists, Implemented by SEO Experts

Our team of graphic designers will work closely with you to design and develop your custom auto dealer website exactly the way you want it. Our dealership websites load quickly and are fully optimized for search engines. 

We provide custom web design for auto dealers:

  • Custom logo designs
  • Animation and sliders
  • Content creation
  • Professional photography
  • Custom graphics
  • And more!

Free Dealer Website Design Templates

Just looking for a dealership website design template? We've got plenty of those for free! Over the years, we have created many auto dealer websites. Some of these layouts are actually live, and some were never used by a dealer. We’ve decided to open source our dealer web design templates and share our designs.

Please feel free to use our dealer website templates! All we ask is that you give us credit for our design. To use these templates, you will need access to Adobe Photoshop or GIMP.