Why Car Dealers need to invest in Local SEO…Now!


Local SEO (searches that include a specific location) has become one of the most important aspects concerning your online business. With Google’s 2014 Pigeon update to how search rankings are calculated, dealerships now have more reasons than ever before to invest in local SEO.

Every business needs to rethink their marketing campaigns to take advantage of local optimization. The first reason – and perhaps the most important – stems from the increase in the number of consumers using and relying on their mobile devices to find the best local businesses. With the increased number of iPhones, Androids, smartwatches and tablets used today, the popularity of proximity searching (how close two or more keywords are to one another) has lead to more location-based search results. Search results are now based on specific locations rather than general, regional ones.

Our second reason may appear ‘old,’ but it will affect your business: Your competitors are starting to invest in Local SEO, plain and simple. Your competitors know quality SEO yields results, and they are starting to discover that Local SEO fine-tunes SEO marketing, giving businesses the local visibility they want and need. If a business wants to reach local consumers, and gain an edge over the competition, it needs to start investing in Local SEO… now.

As the use of mobile devices grows and more competitors realize the effectiveness of Local SEO, Local SEO will increasingly become a mainstay of online marketing campaigns. Now is the time to ‘get in on the ground floor’ of Local SEO.