What is a Fully Customizable Dealer Website?


What is a Fully Customizable Dealer Website?

Does your dealership website stand out from the crowd? Will it leave a lasting impression that will help customers remember your dealership and keep them coming back? A customized website can help you create an auto dealer website to remember.

A website with custom features is different from a website that is fully customizable. Most auto dealer website providers will give you customizable features, but the amount of customization is limited. Even if you pay a higher price for more website features, your options are still limited because you still have to adhere to one layout or template. In a world where every dealer and business seem to have their own website, sticking to the same layout as every other site out there won’t help your dealership. The key is to stand out, serve your customers, and leave a lasting impression. But how can you do that when you’re so limited by your website provider?

That’s why AutoJini believes that fully customizable should truly mean what it says. Every aspect of your dealer website – 100% of it – should be customizable to your specific needs. You deserve to have a unique website that is as special as your dealership. It’s important to be wary of just how customizable your website will be when you are looking for a dealer website provider. That’s why we’ve compiled the elements of a truly customizable website below:

Outstanding and Custom Layout
One way to get your website to stand out is to use an outstanding design and layout. A fully customized website gives you the power to create a unique design for your dealer site so that you don’t blend in with all the other dealership websites. It also helps establish and maintain your brand image.

A 100% customized website goes further than being able to change your background color. When we say that we will give you full customization of your dealer website design, we mean that we can build you a brand-new website from scratch with every feature tailored to your specific needs. If you need that button to be a little bit bigger and moved just a tad bit over to the left, we can do it. Every detail counts.

Ability to Make Instant Changes Easily
A truly customizable website means that you have full control over it at all times. The problem is that many automotive website providers don’t give you full access to your website. That takes away from the fully customized experience because it limits what you can do with your site. The ability to make changes should always be in your hands, with a helpful team to support you along the way or take care of the bigger projects on your site.

A user-friendly Content Management System (CMS) will give you the power to customize your content exactly how you want it, whenever you want to. When you’re searching for a website provider, make sure they give you code-level access to your website.

Customizable Widgets and Features
A lot of website providers will let you add widgets to your site and claim that they are giving you “custom features.” While that may sound great, be sure to look into what features you’re going to get. Can you create your own custom forms? Or will you be limited to one of the preset forms? Custom features are different from customizable features, and it will make a big difference where it counts: finance forms, trade-in forms, contact us forms, and etc.

Blogging Platform
One of the best ways to truly customize your website is to run a blog for your dealership. By regularly posting unique and valuable content directly on your site, you will stand out to both your customers and to search engines. This step is the one that will truly put you above and beyond your competitors.

A website that can be fully customized will make a big difference in how your dealer site looks, functions, and converts. Your dealership will be more memorable to online customers and stand out from the other automotive sites. You will have more power and control over your dealership’s presence online when your website is truly customizable. At AutoJini, we want you to help empower your dealership by tailoring every part of your website to exactly the way you want it. To get started, call us at 515-232-2024 or click on the button below.

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