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Build a dealership website that sells more with our dealer content management system (CMS). We give you full control and code-level access with our dealership website builder, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Dealership Website Builder (Dealer CMS) Features:

Easy Editing + Instant Updates

Add and change text and multimedia content on your dealership website independently, or work with us to create something more special. All changes update on your website instantly!

Fully Customizable

Unlike other auto dealer website builders that give you a few templates, we create a website that is fully customized to fit your needs. Every aspect of your website is customizable.

Built-in Blogging Platform

A blogging platform is built right into the dealership website builder. It is easy to publish blog posts and articles directly on your dealer website.

Multilingual Support

Serve your customers better with our multilingual support for car dealer websites. We offer Spanish dealership sites, French websites, and other languages!

Reports & Analytics

We’ll set up a Google Analytics for your dealer site and have it show right on your CMS when you log in! We also display reports for VDP views, reports on your inventory, staff login details, total clicks, and much more

SEO Tools

We make it easy to change H1 and H2 tags, metatags, title tags, and descriptions with no coding experience required. We streamline the process so you can focus on the important things.

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A Dealership Website Builder for Tomorrow’s Customers

Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter dealership website builder with the same template as hundreds of other dealerships. Empower your dealership with the tools to create a beautiful website that not only looks unique and attractive, but we also give you marketing tools and social media integration.

Additional Dealership Website Builder Tools and Features:

  • Unlimited pages
  • Google Ads conversion tracking
  • Social sharing
  • Dynamic imaging server
  • Responsive design
  • Re-marketing tags


Our dealership website builder (dealer CMS) has made it easy to set up and create these pages, with all the features you need:

  • About Us
  • Hours of Operation
  • Locations
  • Internet Specials/Coupons
  • Auto Dealer Blog
  • Financing
  • Trade-in Value
  • Customer Reviews/Testimonial Page
  • Meet Our Staff


Dealership Website Builder (Dealer CMS) FAQ

Q: What is a dealership CMS?

A: CMS stands for “content management system.” A dealer CMS lets you edit and change the content on your auto dealer website whenever you want. A CMS is a dealership website builder because it is how you build your auto dealer site.

Q: How does a CMS work?

A: A CMS makes it easy for people who don’t have programming experience to make easy and instant changes to their dealer website. A CMS is a dealership website builder. Add content, pictures, videos, customer reviews, and much more with AutoJini’s user-friendly dealer CMS.

Q: What is a DMS? What does DMS stand for?

A: DMS stands for “dealership management system.” A DMS is a tool for dealers to help manage the different tasks that go on within an auto dealership. AutoJini’s CRM (customer relationship management software), which comes with our dealer websites, is basically like a DMS.

Q: What is the difference between a DMS and a CMS?

A: A DMS (dealership management system) encompasses a CMS (content management system), inventory management system, and CRM (customer relationship management software) all in one. The good news is that AutoJini is a like a DMS because we provide all of these services to you when you sign up for a new dealership website with us.

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