On-Page SEO for Auto Dealers


Regardless of the dealership's location and size, every dealer should examine their SEO strategy. Typically, SEO work revolves around off-page SEO effort. However, on-page SEO is equally important, if not more.

Following articles highlights On-Page SEO for Auto Dealers. Off-page SEO will be covered in a different article.

  • Keywords and Meta Tags
    Keywords are very important to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They help search engine figure out what your dealership is about, and they help your position in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Long tail keywords are often more effective since they have less competition, but you should have the main keywords somewhere in your title tag so that you have a better chance of ranking higher. Be careful not to stuff your content with keywords because you will get penalized for that. You should include your keyword between 2 and 4 times throughout your article for the best on-page SEO results.
  • URL and Description
    Your URL should be simple, and ideally, it should also contain your keyword. We are sure you’ve heard this by now, but your SEO tags; titles, description, keywords, images, and more all have an impact on your ranking with Google. Many people will decide whether or not to click on your link based on the meta description. You should include your keyword here, but make sure the description is easy to read so it attracts car buyers. Headings, descriptions, and images on your site should all include keywords that are similar so the topic of your content is obvious to Google.
  • Content
    Quality content is the key to success with anything you post. If your content isn’t interesting, engaging, and useful, the rest of your SEO efforts are not going to do much good. Your dealership should write its content with your target audience in mind. It should be valuable information for them to read.
  • User Experience
    A vital component of SEO is the user experience. Users should be able to navigate your site easily and find the information they’re looking for quickly. Headings and links to other relevant pages can help improve your audience’s experience on your site. Most people prefer to learn about a dealership through their content instead of pushy advertisements. Longer articles often rank better because they contain more information for your audience, so keep this in mind when you create new content. You should strive to make your content sharable and include social media links and share buttons with your articles. The more exposure you get from people, the more legitimate your site will look to Google.
  • Last thoughts
    Some other things to help improve your on-page SEO include utilizing internal links, making sure that your site is responsive and mobile friendly, and decreasing the time it takes your site to load. Internal links are a great way to keep people on your dealership site. They can increase your rank if you don’t overuse internal links or use too many. A mobile friendly, responsive website benefits your users and your dealership because your site will rank higher on SERPs. It also makes it easier for readers to access your website from anywhere. Site speed is a very important thing for your users. People expect pages to load within 2 seconds, so if yours takes much longer, you might lose potential customers before they even see what you have to offer them. There are several different factors that can improve your SEO on your pages, so take advantage of these free fixes, and attract more visitors to your website.