How to Select the Best Keywords for Your Auto Dealership


Getting your dealership’s website optimized is essential. It is worth spending your time and money to show up on the first page of Google.

Listed below are some valuable insights. Even if you have out sourced your SEO, going over these insights will give you more of an equal footing.

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How do Keywords Work? Have you ever wondered how people end up on your auto dealership website? The answer is through your keywords. Your audience will land on your page if the word phrase that they search for matches one of the keyword phrases that your dealership chose. Don’t be afraid to spend extra time on this. Your keywords are how your audience finds your web pages or blog articles.

Know your Audience Your choice of keywords should depend largely on your audience. Whatever subjects and wording your target audience is using when they search for auto dealerships, new or used cars, or car repair services should determine the keywords that you use. You should consider age, gender, location, and other demographics to optimize your reach. Make sure that whatever keywords you choose are words that your audience actually uses.

Search for Results Try searching for keywords that are relevant to your dealership or the article you’re posting to see what the results are. Search for phrases popular in your target audience that describe your dealership or article best so that you can see the competition you’re up against. If you search keyword phrases before you choose them, you might get a better idea of where your dealership’s website would show up on the results pages. Comparing your keywords to competing dealerships can also help you decide what headline you want to use based on what is most effective in your niche in the auto industry. You should choose headers carefully and work in keywords towards the beginning if it sounds natural.

Keyword Phrases Keyword phrases should be at least 2 words. Your dealership should use a tool such as Google AdWords to help plan out your keywords. Once you come up with a few keyword phrases of your own that are the most relevant, these sites can help you see how they perform, the level of competition, and how many times they are searched each month. They can also provide you with alternative phrases to use that you might not have thought of. Secondary phrases might come to your attention using a keyword planner. You should take advantage of high search volume, low competition word phrases because they are often very successful.

You might not want to compete with the big auto dealers if you’re a small business or have more specific products and services. In this case, you should consider using long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords include phrases that have more than 3 words. These can be very effective since there is less competition for specific phrases. Even though long-tail keywords have less search results each month, they often convert better than competitive keywords. Wouldn’t you rather have your auto dealership’s website on the first page of results than the 10th page? We all know that no one looks past the 1st or 2nd page of results on Google.