Learn how to Serve your Customers Better


Learn how to Serve your Customers Better

Auto dealerships are realizing that they need to focus on the customer experience now more than ever. Many dealerships try to set themselves apart by providing excellent customer service, but there doesn’t seem to be a leader of the pack. Dealerships are relying on high customer satisfaction to bring people back, spread positive word of mouth, and encourage sales when people are generally buying fewer vehicles. Overall, the auto industry is serving its customers well when compared to other industries. Keep reading to learn how to provide the best service for your customers and stand out among competition.

Why is there no leader?
As previously stated, almost every car dealership out there is trying to provide great service to attract more customers. It can be hard to stand out, but here are some specific reasons why you might not be leading the pack. Your dealership might be too focused on profit. If you are focused more on making the sale instead of satisfying the customer, other dealers might pass you on customer service. A profit-focused dealership might have employees that aren’t motivated to give their best service since their goal is to sell a large amount of highly priced vehicles. After they make a purchase, most customers are unsatisfied with at least some part of the service, product, or buying experience. All you can do is try your best to find a vehicle that fits their needs and help them as much as possible.

How are things changing?
The Internet has changed how people buy almost any product on the market. There’s a high chance that the potential car buyers who step on your lot have already researched local auto dealers and chosen a few vehicles that they are most interested in. Consumers have access to an endless supply of information online such as car reviews and ratings, online reviews for dealerships, social media accounts, and more. They can find out a lot about vehicles and dealerships online. Because they have all the information at their fingertips, it gives them more power and leads to higher demands and expectations from car buyers. This means your dealership and your salespeople have to work harder to achieve high customer satisfaction.

Your car dealer website should be user-friendly, responsive, and engaging to attract online visitors before they even stop by your dealership.

How can I best satisfy my car buyers’ needs?
Consumers are always seeking a better buying experience.

Having happy employees who treat customers with care is important. Motivated, satisfied employees are much more likely to provide great customer service than unsatisfied employees. As an auto dealership, you should strive to give employees the right motivation, tools, and training to help customers with whatever they need.

There is a stereotype that used car salesmen can be untrustworthy; this makes it even more important for pre-owned dealerships to be honest with customers. Really listen to what each customer needs, and don’t try to upsell them a vehicle that they can’t afford. People appreciate honesty and really don’t like being misled especially when it comes to a big purchase like a vehicle. Try to be transparent and straightforward about each vehicles’ strengths and weaknesses.

You need to understand your customers and their decision making process in order to serve them best. Don’t just guess what consumers want…ask them! It’s easier than ever to communicate and connect with your customers. Track what they’re saying about your dealership using customer reviews and social media, and thank them for their feedback. Data is driving more marketing and sales decisions now because it’s effective. Use your customers’ data and feedback to gain insight about their customer experience and what might have been lacking. Sharing customer data between departments can lead to better results and higher collaboration among employees.

Gain a competitive advantage by predicting what customers want in their car buying experience. Try to help each customer find their perfect vehicle by paying attention to their individual needs. Strive to exceed customer expectations and provide value for customers. Everyone wants to know they’re getting a good deal on a purchase. The key is to show car buyers vehicles that will provide a good value for their money according to the things that they value in a vehicle. They might value things like good gas mileage, a low price, a certain color, great handling, or something as simple as the number of cup holders and USB ports.

Another thing that customers love is efficiency. Each person will be at a different place in the buying process when they get to your dealership, so it’s important to respect where they are and help them get to the next step. Don’t want to waste their time and your time showing them vehicles that they aren’t interested in or that are out of their price range. However, you also don’t want to rush them through the process too fast and pressure them to make a decision before they’re ready. Try to respect your customers’ time, listen to what they need from you, and cater to their needs.

If you only take away one thing from this article, remember to listen to your customers. Listen to what kind of vehicle they want and what their price range is. Don’t pressure them if they aren’t ready to buy yet. After a customer purchases a vehicle from your dealership, listen to their feedback. Ask how you could improve and how else you can serve them in the future.

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