How to Effectively Tell Your Dealership’s Story on the “About” Page


Do I make a joke? Should I tell a heartwarming story? Do I start with my dealership’s history? Should I tell customers about my business, about me, or about how my business can help them?

Many auto dealerships are asking themselves the same questions. Everyone knows how important this part of their dealership website is. It tells potential customers about your dealership, where it comes from, what it stands for, and how it can help people. Check out the tips below to improve your “About” page and tell the story of your dealership.

Begin with the most exciting part of your business. If you want to tell the history of your dealership, don’t start off the story at the beginning when your dealership was just starting unless it was a very exciting start. Start with some interesting events or facts to grab the reader’s attention. This is the time to let the personality of your dealership shine. Show your audience that there are people running the website and the business that care about their needs. Treat the About page as a conversation with a potential client about how your dealership might help them in their car search.

Many people want to see your dealership’s history, so don’t ignore it no matter how bland you might think it is. Capitalize on your history’s big moments through a timeline, infographics, pictures, or a video. Show your history as a story that engages people, their emotions, and their senses. Use these things to get the audience’s attention. Get them interested in your dealership and its products and services. Once you involve emotions and senses, car buyers can often picture themselves in one of your vehicles easier.

People want to know where your dealership came from and what its values are. You should make sure to include your values and show how your dealership has lived out those values over the years. This way, you can establish a sense of credibility with your potential customers. Along with values, it might be a good idea to share employee information so that customers can get to know your dealership a little better. Some include pictures, descriptions, emails, or separate phone numbers. You can decide how you want to display employee information for your dealership.

One thing that the majority of dealerships do in their About page is boast all of their successes and talk about how great their dealership is. To an extent, this can be effective. You want people to trust your dealership and its authority, but too much of this can turn customers off. Everyone makes mistakes, so when a company tries to convince you that it is the absolute best in the business at everything, people start to question it.

Instead, your dealership should talk about how it can help its customers and how it’s different than the competition. Focus on customer service, high-quality vehicles, warranties, low prices, or whatever your dealership does best that will add value to the car-buying experience for customers. You can include relevant awards and customer testimonials to establish credibility, but don’t rely on these things too much. You want people to think highly of your dealership without leading them to have unreachable expectations that lead to lower customer satisfaction.

General information that should be on your About page is your location, who the owner is, when your dealership was established, how big the company is, and whether it is public, private, or family owned. If your car dealer website design doesn’t have a Contact Us page that includes your address, phone number, hours of operation, map and directions, and contact details, you should have these things available on your About page as well. Introduce your dealership well with an engaging About Us page.