Five Points Recreation, Leading RV Dealership, Signed Up With AutoJini


Five Points Recreation has signed up with AutoJini to implement a custom designed website to showcase their RVs and Camper Trailers. The new website is implemented using Content Management System of AutoJini.

"After careful evaluation of different vendors, we decided to go with AutoJini which has the necessary experience and product knowledge to meet our unique needs. Their customer service, response time, and knowledge of industry has helped us to hit the ground running," said Nick Ver Schuure, Owner of Five Points Recreation.

"This project highlights the fact that AutoJini is industry's most flexible solution. It can assist not only car dealers, but it can assist RV, Boat, and Motorcycle dealerships too. AutoJini not only provides unique online solutions, we also provide SEO services to dealerships of all sizes and types. Our software empowers dealerships to manage diverse SEO goals and track website performance using 3rd party tools," said Syed Azam, President of AutoJini.


AutoJini is a web-based software suite of solutions used by automobile, RV, motorcycle, and boat dealers across North America. AutoJini services include the development and implementation of dealership websites, mobile websites, micro sites, Facebook applications, inventory management solutions, data export to 3rd parties, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SEM), and news & blog software. has offices in Ames, Iowa, U.S., and Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

For more information, please contact Mr. Syed Azam by phone (515) 232-2024 or email syed(at)AutoJini(dot)com.

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About Five Points Recreation:

Five Points Recreation located in Oskaloosa, IA is the leading RV dealership in Iowa. They specialize in offering their products to customers in a convenient, affordable, and enjoyable fashion. They strongly believe in Iowa values of trust, honesty, and customer service.

For more information, please contact Nick Ver Schuure at (641) 676-4696 or via email at sales(at)fivepointsrecreation(dot)com.

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