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Octadyne's flagship product, AutoJini, provides clients in the retail automotive industry a complete suite of website tools, including custom website design, mobile websites, social media branding and now an eBay Motors Auction Management Tool.

With the growing number of auto auction sites, dealerships are faced with confusing and often contradictory systems of how to list their vehicles online. In response, the AutoJini team has developed an auction management tool, specifically for dealerships listing their vehicles with eBay Motor Auctions – a major online auction house.

The eBay Motors Auction Management Tool simplifies the process of listing vehicles online with eBay via the use of one simple control panel. The automated listing process significantly reduces the dealer’s work, both in the initial listing and follow-up phases of an auction. The dealer regains control of the process, saves time, and gains enough information and flexibility in how his vehicles are listed to allow him to customize his strategy for all of his listings. As for the process itself, the need to delay uploads while waiting for a full batch is a thing of the past. Whether for a single or hundreds of vehicles, real time uploads (pictures and specs) are fast, efficient and easy. - Ebay Motors Auction Ad Layout
Quote startIf eBay makes a change to their process, then we update our tool accordingly. We’ve removed the hassle and confusion associated with listing dozens, even hundreds of vehicles, in the auctions.Quote end

The eBay Motors Auction Management Tool is far from a simple upload and listing tool, however, as it captures a significant amount of data about the bidders and bidding trends. Real-time status on all bids, the best offers and bidder information all give the dealer the information he needs to capitalize on his listings.

When asked about how the new AutoJini tool differs from other management tools in the industry, Syed Azam, AutoJini’s President replied, "Our eBay Motors Auction Management Tool is made specifically for listings on eBay Motors National Auto Auctions. That means we’ve addressed everything from Fixed Pricing and Best Offer Listing to PayPal Bidder Verification and Real-time updates. If eBay makes a change to their process, then we update our tool accordingly. We’ve removed the hassle and confusion associated with listing dozens, even hundreds of vehicles, in the auctions. Our clients need to focus on the strategy and business of selling their inventory, not on what can otherwise be a cumbersome and frustrating –not to mention time consuming – task of listing vehicles day in and day out. Our job is to create user-friendly software that provides the client everything he could possibly need for promoting his business and selling his inventory."

As with all of his products, Mr. Azam stresses that the eBay Motors Auction Management Tool is backed by AutoJini’s support staff, which is committed to the needs of their customers. Not that Mr. Azam expects any problems, as the tool has never had any issues, but clients can rest-assured just the same. “We’re in business for our clients. They’re not one-time customers to us, but long-term partners. It’s in our best interest to give them the best tools in the business, and make their operations as smooth and profitable as possible.”


AutoJini is the flagship product of Octadyne Systems. AutoJini is web-based software suite of solutions used by 100s of automobile dealers across North America. The AutoJini software suite includes the development and implementation of dealership websites, mobile websites, micro sites, Facebook applications, inventory management solutions, data export to 3rd parties, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and news and blog software. has offices in Ames, Iowa, U.S. and Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

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