eBay® Motors Auction Management

One Simple Control Panel — to Manage eBay Motors

Extensive Functionality with eBay Motors Auction

AutoJini empowers your dealership by enabling you to broaden your reach to eBay. Auction off your inventory easily and effectively with the help of the automotive experts at AutoJini. Our team has over 18 years of experience in the automotive industry, and we have dealt with eBay for quite some time. If auctioning your inventory on eBay is one of your goals, let AutoJini help you achieve it.

With AutoJini, your dealership will have access to a full array of functionalities that will improve how your inventory is seen and sold on eBay. AutoJini simplifies the eBay Motors marketplace, making new listings and updates simple by automating the listing process and significantly reducing the dealer’s work. Customizable templates enable you to make your inventory unique and stand out from the crowd. This means no more cookie cutter outlays of your inventory. Real-time uploads mean there's no need to batch before uploading. AutoJini supports fixed price and best offer listings that make sure your inventory is sold for the price you desire.
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Additional Features through AutoJini

Our eBay Motors marketplace functionality doesn’t stop there. To ensure that you get the highest return on your investment, AutoJini provides these additional features free of charge:

  • Bidder information capture/storing
  • Turning bids, inquiries, and best offers into leads
  • Upload unlimited photos for each listing
  • Support for PayPal bidder verification
  • Automatic email to auction bidder with notifications
  • Automatic paperwork generation upon the close of each auction

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