AutoJini, a Leader in Social Media Marketing, Releases New Social Media Bar for Auto Dealers

Social Media Bar
Quote startWe want to keep viewers on our clients’ websites, staying focused on their products and services – while enabling them to tell the world about our clients.Quote end

AutoJini, provides clients in the retail automotive industry a complete suite of tools and services, including custom website design, social media marketing, SEO, PPC, mobile websites, eBay Motors Auction management, Coupon Management System, and Craigslist Posting Tool. The company, which has stayed at the forefront of integrating social media into its products, recognized the issue many businesses are facing when adding social medial buttons to their sites. Customers often click a link to a social site, such as Facebook or Twitter, and then get caught up in what their friends are doing, not always returning to the dealership’s website to complete their business.

The AutoJini team developed the Social Media Bar in response to this drawback to having social media icons on a site. Syed Azam, AutoJini’s President explains, “Social media has created a huge marketing opportunity for auto dealerships, but also presents a challenge. We don’t want our client’s customers clicking on a social media button and being taken to another site, away from our client. The focus should remain on the dealership website, with the social media sites taking on a support role. To leverage the power of social media for our clients, we needed to gives our clients control over how their customers interact with social media while on their dealership websites. The Social Media Bar does just that – it gives viewers access to our clients’ social media channels, allowing them to interact with social media while keeping them focused on the dealership. And that’s what it’s all about… using social media to spread the word, not distract customers from the business at hand.”

The Social Media Bar is far from being just a useful tool for auto dealerships, however. The toolbar has broad-based appeal across any industry, for anyone who wishes to leverage the power of social media without sending customers off of his or her website. Thanks to an easy-to-use dashboard, clients can customize the tool to display any number of social media sites, a share button, Facebook like button, a blog, Twitter activity, Facebook’s wall posting, and other helpful info like Directions and Hours of Operation. Compared to random social media buttons which throw users off the site, the social media bar opens a window overlaying a small section of the website, providing an interactive window into social media while keeping viewers on the website. Mr. Azam sums it up nicely, “We want to keep viewers on our clients’ websites, staying focused on their products and services – while enabling them to tell the world about our clients.”

AutoJini is the flagship product of Octadyne Systems. AutoJini is web-based software suite of solutions used by 100s of automobile dealers across North America. The AutoJini software suite includes the development and implementation of dealership websites, mobile websites, micro sites, Facebook applications, inventory management solutions, data export to 3rd parties, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and news and blog software. has offices in Ames, Iowa, U.S. and Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

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