5 Benefits of Dynamic Inventory Advertising for Your Dealership


5 Benefits of Dynamic Inventory Advertising for Dealerships

What strategies are you using in your automotive marketing plan? Maybe you’re already running a Google AdWords campaign or using Facebook ads. Have you considered investing in dynamic inventory advertising?

Dynamic inventory advertising is a new way for car dealerships to reach their potential customers. For example, if a user in a nearby location searches for a 2018 Chevrolet Corvette and it happens to be a car that is in your inventory, Google will show them a dynamic inventory ad that links to the car on your website. It’s as if the customer is being matched to your dealership website.

While there are many different benefits of dynamic inventory advertising, in this article, we will cover the top five. Keep reading to learn what these benefits are.

1. Rely on this Long-Term, Effective Tool
Dynamic inventory advertising is something that you can use for a long time. Unlike other kinds of advertisements, this method links customers directly to your live inventory. Your prospects are searching for their dream car, and being able to put your inventory right in front of them is a valuable tool to use.

2. Get Matched to Your Potential Customers
Dynamic search ads help your dealership website get discovered by customers in short-tail searches when in most cases, it would be lost in the search pages. A potential customer who searches, “2017 Ford Focus,” will be given a variety of different results. Having a direct link to the vehicle in your inventory that leads the customer to your dealership’s website would be a dream come true. With dynamic inventory advertising, this is completely possible and easy to do.

3. Generate More Leads
When the typical consumer is searching online for the vehicle they want, they do a lot of research. The process of buying a car is longer than most other purchases because the cost of a car is so high. A typical customer will make over 100 searches before deciding to buy a car. With that many searches, who knows how many different websites and articles your potential customer is going to come across. By using dynamic inventory ads, you are going to be present in several of these searches, and the car in your inventory is going to be exactly what the customer was searching for.

4. Increase Your Sales
Having a direct link to the car that your potential customer was interested in will increase your chances of being discovered by them and having them visit your dealership. Beat out competitors, who are probably using AdWords campaigns, and stand out from the crowd. Save time that you would have spent searching for keywords or creating campaigns, and spend more time focusing on your leads.

5. Lower the Cost of Your Campaign
Ads that are relevant to your audience receive better quality scores, get higher click-through rates, and lower your average cost per click. This decreases the overall cost of your campaign because the customer is already looking for a car on your lot. Additionally, you won’t be wasting money on clicks that are going to result in bounces (when a user opens a page on your website, only to exit shortly after without doing anything else on your website). With dynamic search advertising, you will reach users who are already engaged, and you won’t waste money on users who didn’t have any interest in the first place, compared to a typical Google AdWords campaign.

At AutoJini, we offer premium dynamic inventory ads for our dealerships. There are customers who are searching for your vehicles and services, and we want to help direct them to your website. We take the vehicles in your inventory feed to create advertisements that are put in front of customers who were searching for that car. To learn more, give us a call today at (515) 232-2024!