2017 Factors revealed for Local Search Ranking


Consumers depend on their searches to discover new and reliable business. They know that a simple search will provide a variety of results no matter what they may be searching for. However, most people do not go beyond the first page in the results, that is why it is so important to be on page one. Many searchers do not look past the first 3 results on a page.

In a recent survey experts looked at the most important factors regarding the rankings. Proximity is the number one factor; this is in correlation with the distance from the user to the business. Some businesses are paying their way to the top of the results. It is being seen on Google with the allocations of Maps and the Finder results.

No matter what, having a strong local SEO strategy will greatly impact your business ranks within the desired market. Local SEO can help in determining how many users go to your site rather than your competitors.

Reviews are gaining more significance. Both the user and Google are now looking at the reviews on sites to determine how trustworthy a business is. About 84% of users trust the opinions of others in online reviews. In fact, it can be said that the reviews are trusted as much as a recommendation from someone they know. This means that ranking and reviews are helping people decide whether or not to buy from a particular business or not.

All though recently Citations Signals have declined in importance to the user, it is still a factor that you must utilize. Citations are places on the internet where your company’s name, address and phone are displayed. Citations are still are relevant to the rankings of your business so do not forget to include that in your SEO strategy.

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