15 Blog Post Ideas for Your Dealership


15 Blog Post Ideas for Your Dealership

Are you trying to set up a blog for your dealer website, but you’re stuck on blog post ideas? Here’s a list of 15 blog post ideas for your dealership blog to get you started.

1. How to plan a road trip
Road trips are both a source of nostalgia and something to look forward to in the future for many. From snack ideas to being prepared for any car issues, write a blog post for your dealership about how to plan for a road trip!

2. How to prepare your car for trade-in
Many car owners who are looking to purchase a new car start with trying to sell or trade in their old one. Increase your brand awareness from the early stages of the car buying process. Help your local customers and the online community prepare their used car for trading in with your own tips and tricks. Plus, when local customers see your blog post, they’re more likely to feel trust and confidence in your dealership because they’ll see that you care.

3. Spring cleaning for your car
Ask your employees and salespeople for their own personal tips on cleaning out their cars, and compile them into one collective blog post. This is a great way to collaborate with your team as well as promote any products you sell at your dealership, such as cleaning supplies and air fresheners.

4. Meet the staff
Put faces to your dealership! Marketing messages are received better when pictures and experiences of real people are included. You can break up these blog posts by department, person, or collect everything into one blog. Add fun facts, quotes, or a set of questions for your team to answer!

5. Vehicle of the week
Show off your car inventory with a blog post that highlights a vehicle on your lot. Be sure to include plenty of pictures and link it back to your car’s VDP.

6. Virtual tour of your dealership
Make a short video showing off your dealership, from your car lot, offices, service department, and more. For more video marketing ideas, click here.

7. Automotive news and trends
Keep your customers and the online community informed on automotive news and trends. Show users and search engines that your dealership website is an expert in the topic of the automotive industry and boost your domain authority.

8. Seasonal car tips
Different seasons can cause different types of issues for car owners, including hail damage, snow, ice, air conditioning problems, and more. At the start of each season, try writing a blog post that outlines different ways to prevent seasonal car issues.

9. How to fill/change your tires
These is a pretty common search term for many people, and a great way to get your dealership name and website out there. This type of blog post is also one that gets shared often by friends and family members and on social media. You could even add a promotion to the end of your blog post by offering one of the services for free to any customer.

10. Guest blogs from customers
Ask your satisfied customers for a guest blog post or testimonial. They can share their experiences with your dealership, a review of a recent car purchase, or recommend their favorite services from your repair shop.

11. Car maintenance tips
Share your different car care tips through a series of blog posts! Examples of blog posts under this category include:

  • When to get your engine oil changed
  • How to change your air filter
  • How often to rotate your tires
  • Getting a maintenance checkup
  • Examining belts and hoses
  • How to improve MPG

12. Dealership news
Share your press releases, plans for growth, new staff members, specials, sales, and more through your own news outlet, aka your dealership blog.

13. Community events
Connect with your local customers by promoting and participating in community events. Since the majority of cars are bought locally, having a presence in your own community as a dealership is really important.

14. Leasing vs buying a new car
To lease a new car or to buy it is a common question for many new car buyers. Outline the pros and cons of both for your dealership blog. If your dealership offers car leases or have a portal lease site, this is a great opportunity to promote that.

15. How to customize your car
From simple car customization ideas from antenna toppers to car accessories, to more complex customization such as tire accents and custom paint jobs, share your ideas on ways that your customers can make their car their own. Promote your own services and products along the way, too, and have fun with it!

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