Pinterest Can Do More Than Showcase Your Inventory

Dealerships can use Pinterest in many different ways. From showcasing inventory and services to highlighting the expertise of your employees, your dealership has a lot to share.

Karan Leland, President of Sterling Marketing Group, in offering advice about using Pinterest, says businesses should use pinboards for more than showcasing their own services.

For auto dealers, this means if they have pinboards displaying their Internet Specials, New Cars on the Lot, and Satisfied Customers, they are only scratching the surface. To increase and maintain interest, Leland further advises creating pinboards that are intentionally:

  • 40% Motivational
  • 40% Educational
  • 20% Business Service or Culture

She also advises:

  1. Use the business URL in your Pin Descriptions so interested users can quickly visit your website.
  2. Use hashtags (#) in your Photo Descriptions so your topics are easily searchable.

While her first suggestion may be easy to follow and implement, the second suggestion on using hashtags (#) may be new to some. Here is how you do it:

In describing a picture of a vehicle for instance:

  • Put the hash sign ‘#’ in front of the term you think people may search.
  • Use broad categories rather than narrow terms.

So instead of this description

  • Description without a hashtag says: “Of all the used SUVs we have on the lot, this 2011 SUV is my favorite. I love the color and luxury features.”

Use this description:

  • Description with a hashtag says: “Of all the #usedSUVs we have on the lot, this 2011 SUV is my favorite. I love the color and luxury features.”
  • #usedSUVs now becomes the searchable term in your description – pretty cool.

Remember to continue to pique the interest of your followers by:

  • Adding staff pictures to your pinboard and updating those 3 or 4 times a year.
  • Pinning up photos of your dealership – inside and out
  • Sharing motivational quotes – or repin great ones you find on other individual or business pinboards.

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