Instagram Live Videos for Auto Dealerships


You might be thinking, “I just got around to starting an Instagram account…Why do I have to start posting live videos too?” Well, you don’t have to. However, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity to reach a younger audience, advertise your brand, and increase sales if you don’t. Set your auto dealership apart from competition, and get customers’ attention with Instagram Live Videos.

What are Instagram Live Videos?
These live videos will show up at the top of your followers’ Instagram feeds. Unless you disable this feature, your followers will get a notification that you have started streaming a live video. This will get the attention of your customers and make them curious about the content of your video.

Why should you try it?
Instagram Live Videos can reach your followers and potential car buyers in a whole new way. There is a sense of urgency created when you stream live videos. People don’t want to miss out on exclusive offers and valuable information that will disappear when the video is over. Keeping up with social media trends helps keep your auto dealership relevant and relatable to younger customers. As more young people who grew up with social media gain the purchasing power to buy vehicles, it’s important to cater to their lifestyles and reach them in a way that is effective for them.

How does it work?
If you’re convinced your auto dealership should give Instagram Live Videos a try, keep reading to learn the basics of how it works.

1. The first thing to know is that you must have an Instagram account for your auto dealership. The live video feature is only available using the mobile app for iOS or Android. Therefore, you cannot stream live videos from your computer.

2. Once you have the mobile app and open it, swipe right from the home screen or click on the camera icon in the upper left corner.

3. At the bottom of the screen, swipe to the “Live” option. Once you’re ready to start your video, confirm with the “Start Live Video” button.

4. The number of viewers appears at the top of the screen while comments and reactions from viewers show up at the bottom.

5. To finish the video, click the “End” button in the upper right corner and then confirm with the “End Live Video” button.

6. You now have the option to save your video to your camera roll or post a “Live Replay” onto the “Instagram Stories Feed” for 24 hours. Hit “Save” in the upper right corner to choose which of these options you would like to take.

When you start a live video, your followers will get a notification that your auto dealership is streaming live. Viewers can interact with your video through comments and reactions during the video. You have the option to comment and interact with customers throughout the video in real time. While you can save the video for later, you cannot save the comments and reactions, so take a screenshot if you want to record the feedback for later.

How do you use this tool effectively?
One of the most important aspects of success in any area of business and life in general is preparation. Plan a strategy for your live videos. Do you want to do a series of Q&A sessions? Are you trying to promote a new marketing campaign? When making your strategy, take into account your target market and your positioning in the auto sales industry.

Once you have a strategy, make a script for each live video you stream. You could try recording a practice video and evaluating it to make improvements. Live videos may seem scary, but they are effective and manageable if you prepare.

If you have trouble getting viewers for your live videos, pay attention to the time of day to see if there’s a better time to reach more people. You should also try to promote your video ahead of time using Instagram Stories. Hint at the topic or special deals that will be covered in your video. Be sure to include the time and day of the live video when you promote it this way. If you spark an interest in your followers, you could have a larger audience for your next video.

When big businesses, celebrities, or events stream live videos that attract a lot of viewers and engagement, their live videos show up on the “Top Live Videos” section of the “Explore Page” for every Instagram user at that time. Landing a spot on the “Explore Page” might be difficult, but it’s not impossible. It can lead to even more views and engagement with your live videos.

What should you make live videos about?
This depends on several things like the type of auto dealership you are, what your goals are, and who your primary target audience is. The key is to create a strategy and then use the flexibility and creativity that Instagram Live Videos offer to attract car buyers. Your goal should be to make videos that are interesting and valuable for your followers.

One of the most popular live video formats is a question and answer session. You could collect common questions that people have about your auto dealership or questions they ask your sales representatives often. You could also let viewers ask questions in the comments section during the video and answer them in real time. People will be interested to find out the answers to their own and other peoples’ questions.

Educational videos can be very helpful for viewers depending on the industry and the topic. For auto dealerships, these could include information like warning signs that might indicate your vehicle needs service. They could also provide helpful tips like how often to get oil changed and tires rotated for their vehicle. Short videos that get to the point are likely to be effective for car dealers.

Another common type of live videos that businesses use is behind the scenes. Show off the personality of your dealership, what the work environment is like, and how employees find fun in their jobs throughout the day. When people can relate more easily with an auto dealership, they feel like they’re a part of the family and might be more likely to give you their business.

Instagram Live Videos are a great place to show off your high-quality vehicles. Go for a walk around the lot displaying some of your most popular vehicles or vehicles that are on specials. Take advantage of the urgency associated with live videos by offering exclusive deals during the videos or limited time offers.

During events, live videos can keep your followers up-to-date about what’s going on. If you have an end of the year event, memorial day sale, truck month, or something similar, take live videos of the event and what deals are available. With permission, you could even take live videos of happy customers getting their keys and driving off the lot with their new vehicles.

Instagram Live Videos might seem out of your comfort zone, but there is a lot to gain if you try it out. You can mix in live videos with pre-recorded Instagram Stories or videos that you post on your feed. Take the chance, try it out, and watch your brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales grow.