5 Ways to Optimize Your Dealer Website for Voice Search


How to Optimize Your Dealer Website for Voice Search

Did you know that over 70% of young adult Americans who own a smartphone use a mobile personal assistant? We’ve all seen them: Alexas, Google Homes, Siri, Google Assistant, and other conversational artificial intelligence (AI) machines are all very popular right now. People now talk to their AI machines to do searches online, along with using their smartphones, desktop computers, and tablets. It is estimated within the next few years, half of all online searches will be made through voice search.

So, how do we capitalize on this trend of voice search? While there’s no one easy answer, there are a few things that you can do to optimize your dealer website for voice searching. From writing content that mimics the way people naturally talk, focusing on local searches, including a call to action in descriptions, and using schema markup, you can optimize your dealership site for the new generation of searching.

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1. Write the Way That You Naturally Talk
When we use AI to search, we talk to the machine as if it’s a person. When we search on a smartphone or a computer, we use shorter phrases and words to find information because we don’t want to waste time or energy to type everything out. When we talk to a voice search engine, we tend to use longer phrases and full sentences that are typically asked like a question. Take this into consideration when you are writing the content on your dealer site or bidding on keywords.
For example, let’s say that you are looking to buy a Toyota vehicle. When you use the computer to search, you would type in, “Toyota dealer near me.” However, if you’re talking to an AI machine, you would say, “Where is the nearest Toyota dealer?”

2. Create an FAQ Page
Going off of the strategy of creating content that follows your natural language, an FAQ page is a great way to use your long-tail keywords and incorporate questions onto the content of your site. Not only will it optimize your dealer site for voice search, but it will also help your customers find valuable information.
Some questions you could include on your FAQ page for SEO include: “How do I change my tires?” “How much does it cost to get my car serviced?” “What’s the best trade-in I could get for my current vehicle?”

3. Focus on Local Searches
One of the reasons that AI machines and voice search became so popular is because of how busy our culture is. We use voice search to find information while we’re driving, in a hurry, or on the go. We want to find the closest, most convenient option that we can get. That’s why we recommend focusing on local searches and customers who are in close proximity to your dealership. Not only that, but people are most likely to purchase a car that is from a dealership near them.
For more information on how to implement local SEO and boost your organic rankings, click here.

4. Include a Call to Action
People who use voice search are looking for immediate results. That’s why you want to make sure that your business phone number is in your meta tag descriptions, as well as on the content of your homepage. If you are using a Google Ad, take advantage of the call extension feature.

5. Use Schema Markup (Structured Data)
Schema markup, or structured data, is the language of search engines. It tells Google, Yahoo, and Bing what to do with the information on your site, and it boosts your visibility. By incorporating structured data in the coding of your website, you get put ahead of your competition because your website becomes preferred by search engines. It is a more advanced strategy than the previous ones, but it is so under-utilized by businesses.

Visit Schema.org to find more information on structured data for search engines, or contact us for help to get started.

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