5 Ways To Increase Dealership Name Recognition Using Instagram


Photo sharing is quickly emerging as the most popular medium for helping auto dealers increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. Instagram, Facebook’s photo sharing program has over 30 million users who have taken over one billion photos using the Instagram app.

With Instagram, a lot can happen in a second. Every second, Instagram gains a new user, and more than 58 photos are uploaded. Every second users choose to Like more than 575 photos and leave 81 comments about these photos.

As an auto dealer, you already understand the importance of taking photos of inventory for your website. But, here are five ways that Instagram can help your dealership get recognized.

  1. First, download the App!
    Instagram is a free smartphone application. Accounts are easy to create and use on any Android or iPhone. Register the account name you want and try to keep consistency across all social media channels. Now, let Instagram help you
  2. Show us your ware.
    Use Instagram to create a mobile photo album, a great way to generate excitement about new models coming in as well as interest in your current selection. Photos that capture users’ attention are likely to direct them to your website to learn more.
  3. Demonstrate what your dealership can do.
    Show the softer side of your business. Instagram allows you to add effects to your photos and tell the story about your brand and services. If your dealership offers repair services, Instagram can be an excellent tool to illustrate the kind of work your staff does well. ‘Before’ and ‘after’ photos can provide powerful testimonials, and side-by-side comparisons can display your high quality work.
  4. Connect with your customers.
    Reach out to followers on a more personal level. Take awesome photos of your office and sales staff. Use the photo to say “Happy Holidays” to family members and customers. Post candid snapshots of the fun stuff at work and give followers a reason to connect and relate to your business.
  5. Expand your network.
    Once viewers and customers get a hold of your great Instagram photos and stories, you’ll be able to sit back and watch them do the sharing for you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. Before you know it, you may find your dealership’s photos on Instagram’s popular page.