5 Ways Automotive CRM Will Boost Your Car Sales


5 Ways Automotive CRM Will Boost Your Car Sales

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is technology used to manage your company’s interactions with customers. A CRM system will create a database of your customer interactions and help keep track of the communication going on within your dealership.

AutoJini’s CRM features were hand-selected to serve the most important needs of our auto dealerships. Our automotive CRM centers around generating leads and creating strong relationships with your leads. Our other features include deals, credit application, contacts, inventory management, reports, and more.

So, how is an automotive CRM different from general CRM? Automotive CRM is designed specifically for auto dealers, and the features are tailored to the needs of dealerships. More importantly, how will automotive CRM improve your car sales? The average return on investment (ROI) for a CRM is $8.71 per dollar spent, according to SalesForce. CRM integration is also proven to increase productivity at work and boost sales by 29%.

Keep reading to learn 5 ways that CRM will boost sales at your dealership.

AutoJini CRM

1. You’ll never miss a lead again.
The biggest thing an auto dealer CRM will do is to make sure that every lead will count. When things get busy at your dealership, it can be easy to forget to call back a customer or to follow up with someone. But when you make these minor mistakes, you are actually losing out on car sales. Every lead you have is a potential car sale, so it’s important to build a relationship with your leads.

With AutoJini’s dealer CRM, you can enter and store information about your leads. You can see when the lead was last contacted, what vehicles they were interested in, and anything other information that you may need. This makes it easy to pick up where you left off or for a different employee to take over a customer. Members of your sales team can log notes from calls or emails with customers, and it’s all easy to search in your CRM.

2. You can receive reports and insights on your performance.
Reports help strengthen your overall dealership by giving you a tangible way to track your progress. It is easier to monitor what’s going on in your dealership, and you can keep track of your activity.

It is easier to figure out what strategies work for your dealership when you have the ability to generate and access reports. An automotive CRM lets you do just that – collect data about prospects and deals, and generate reports from them. You can see what types of vehicles are selling, who your customers are, and which salespeople are selling the most cars.

3. It streamlines your tasks.
With an organized system like CRM, your tasks become simplified and streamlined. All of your most important information is available at your fingertips because of our dashboard feature, while everything else is just a click away. AutoJini's CRM comes with features, including credit application, appointments, tasks, contacts, and more. This makes it easy to get your everyday tasks done faster. It is also easy to search for information that would have taken a long time to find if you had previously stored data on paper or documents. When everyone can see the shared information, it strengthens your sales team.

CRM makes it so that you won’t lose track of anything – especially your leads.

4. It lowers your administrative costs.
Save time you would have spent scheduling appointments, creating reports, or storing information. An auto dealer CRM makes it easier and faster to get these tasks done, which also takes the burden off the administrative work of your sales team. Paperwork can be tiring and tedious work! When you cut the time you would have spent doing administrative tasks, you have more time to build relationships with your leads and sell more cars.

5. Improves customer satisfaction.
When you focus on building meaningful relationships with your leads, you give your customers a personalized and unique experience that they won’t forget. By giving your customers better experiences, you improve your customer service overall. People want to spend money where they feel appreciated and cared about, and they will keep coming back to that place. A CRM will help you build loyal, returning customers for your dealership by helping you give your customers an experience to remember.

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