5 Quick and Fun Ways to Attract More Facebook Fans


Simply stated, if you are looking for ideas on how to attract new customers and repeat visits to your dealership’s Facebook page, here are five quick tips. These marketing tips don’t have to be daunting tasks for the Internet Manager at your dealership. They can be fun, and everyone at your dealership can get involved.

  • Invite fans to your next online event!
    Start with your current customer base. Invite them to your next event with a simple point and click. Most importantly, ask each fan to bring a friend. Facebook allows friends and fans to connect in many different ways. And everybody likes invitations to what’s happening next. Share a few pictures of your hottest vehicles and exciting highlights of your event. And watch your fan base increase!
  • Offer coupons or other incentives to fans!
    Consumers love to save money and may not be looking at the Sunday paper. And if your dealership is slashing prices, be sure to mention it on your Facebook page. You want to stay ahead of prospective buyers while they are in the buying mode. So, publish your service department coupons on Facebook and share them with the whole world. Update incentives regularly. Give them one condition -- to LIKE (thumbs up) your Facebook page!
  • Make leasing a vehicle and other purchasing options more simple!
    Finding good lease offers can be challenging. Understanding the processes can be even more daunting. Offer quick tips from start to finish on purchasing a vehicle. The more simple the process and brief your advice, the more often your friends will share the information with friends!
  • Educate your fans about the best care for their vehicles!
    Help your fans with fun “How-to” and “Do-it-yourself” bulletins and safety tips. Offer smart moves in car care, and have your service department post regular Q & A’s sessions that fans can join like, “Will missing an oil change shorten the life of my vehicle?” Don’t’ be afraid to link a YouTube video illustrating step-by-step instructions. Your fans will appreciate you saving them a buck or two!
  • Be a good Facebook community leader!
    Post articles and news links from other sites and blogs on your Facebook page. Some fans may be interested in automobile manufacturer websites, auto enthusiasts, and industry magazines. The links will keep fans up-to-date with what’s going on in the industry. The information can be opened on a new page. This way your fans won’t have to leave your Facebook page!

Don’t forget to get everyone at the dealership involved. Simply add your Facebook link to everyone’s email signature and remind them to check out the site daily!