4 Ways You Can Increase the Reach Of Your Dealership's Facebook Page


As a dealership you know how crucial it is to use social media platforms to reach out to new customers and to advertise and promote your dealership. The challenge is handling the lack of attention your dealership page is receiving.

These easy to implement steps will increase exposure of your page to Facebook users and will make a difference in the number of fans your page receives.

Friend Your Community
Connecting with community organizations, media, and other local businesses (not competition!) is a necessity for any dealership on Facebook. However, just friending or 'liking' these pages is not enough. Have someone, like your Internet Manager, spend some time interacting with local businesses. It can be as little as two hours a week but regular interaction will have a positive impact. Like and share community events or posts from other pages that aren’t ads. Taking the time to socialize via your Facebook page will turn your dealership page into a source of information and networking tool. Additionally these interactions will broadcast your dealership to more people and will save you the need of constantly creating original content to post.

Let Your Customers Know About Your Page
Everyone who walks into or out of your dealership should know about your Facebook page. It may have taken a lot of work and advertising to get them in your dealership, so don’t waste the opportunity to have them ‘like’ you on Facebook and be able to get their attention anywhere and anytime. Here are some simple approaches you should administer. Test them in your dealership to identify which one works best for you.

  • Place your Facebook URL on all printed material.
  • Make sure every employee email signatures has a link to your Facebook page.
  • Place a sign on your reception desk.
  • Make sure that your Facebook link is visible on all pages of your website. Try Social Media Bar to keep your customers engaged in your site.

The possibilities are endless; use your creativity to foster inventive ideas to promote your Facebook page.

Promote Small Contests
There is nothing wrong with doing big giveaways on your Facebook page. Sure, they might attract a lot of attention, but if executed incorrectly, they may end up being an idle expenditure. Instead, focus your efforts on promoting smaller prizes more frequently. Hold a simple promotion in your dealership and post pictures of the winner and their prize on Facebook. Another method is to post secret code words on Facebook and handle entries in office. Encouraging Facebook users to interact with your page and with your dealership is an adept way to initiate constant contact and interest with customers. Rewarding your customers can prompt them to talk about your dealership - online and offline - which gives you valuable content for your Facebook postings.

Update It - Update It - Update It

Continually updating content is vital for your Facebook page. However, it is not easy to come up with new and relevant content every day. On the other side, no one knows about the things happening every day in your dealership better than you. Any number of these things could easily make great posts. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Customer Testimonials
    If you aren’t currently requesting customers at your dealership to write comments, compliments, or suggestions, start now. Once a week, upload photos of customers providing positive feedback or testimonials. These posts will praise your dealership without coming across as boastful and will show any customers who left the comments that you cared about their experience.
  • Events
    Promote any local events your employees attend, trade shows you might visit, or when you participate in community fundraisers. Write a short update about the event your dealership is supporting, when and where it is going to be held and encourage others to attend. Afterward, make sure to add photos to give customers visual insight into the event and to serve as persuasion to attend future events.
  • Ask for feedback
    Another strategy to frequently post quality updates on your Facebook page is ask Friends and "Likes" to provide feedback about your dealership, your website, and your Facebook page. Ask them about ideas to improve your customer service, for example. While it may not be possible for your dealership to implement all suggestion, it demonstrates your dealership cares about their feedback and concerns.

Maintaining your Facebook page doesn't have to be difficult! It can be a simple, yet very effective tool to achieving increased traffic to your dealership and business.