4 Tips for Growing Your Dealership on Facebook


4 Tips for Growing Your Dealership on Facebook

If you want to grow your dealership, Facebook is the way to do it. With almost three billion users, your best strategy for outreach is this platform. Today we will be focusing on the specific actions you can take to grow your dealership and enhance your brand through Facebook. This is the third part of our four-part series on Facebook for dealerships so stay tuned for the final part coming in a couple of weeks.

Focus on All Touchpoints
Regardless of what kind of marketing strategy your dealership may be focusing on, whether it’s digital, social media, traditional, etc., you need to make sure you are interacting with your customers at every touchpoint. Although the focus of this series is on Facebook, in order to be successful and create growth for your dealership, it’s important to leverage all of your channels and develop meaningful interactions with your customers. Although consumers are learning about more products and new brands through online sites and forums, data found by Facebook shows that 90% of all sales are still performed in-store. This is especially true when looking at dealerships since many people still like to see a car in person and take it for a test drive before purchasing. The idea of focusing on all physical and digital touchpoints equally is driven home even further when you know that 56% of in-store sales happened because of digital interactions. Your customers need to know that you are focused on them from the time they first stumble across your Facebook page, to the first email they receive from you to the first and last vehicles they purchase from your dealership.

Content and Keywords
When creating content on your Facebook page, it’s important to choose the right keywords and make sure you’re appealing to your target audience. To find the right keywords, start by considering what keywords a consumer would be searching for on a regular basis. Compile a list of these keywords and then do some research on Facebook and Google to see the most common keywords in searches. Google will even compile a list of keywords and sort them based on the competition for each word and the popularity of it over time. Because keywords are so important for any business to thrive, there are tons of keyword research tools out there online now.

Additionally, you should be creating content that gives your followers a reason to interact. The way the Facebook algorithm works is it typically favors pages and posts that create more engagement. Before you publish a post, ask yourself if it will create a conversation. A good tactic is to end your posts with a question. If you’re publishing a post about your recently added inventory on your dealership’s lot, ask your audience which vehicle they’re most excited about. If you’re going over the details of one specific car, ask what your audience thinks of the car or what feature they like the most. Furthermore, branch out and use all of Facebook’s features! Yes, you can do a normal post most days, but don’t forget about live streaming, videos, and stories. If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how many a video is worth.

Advertising and Conversions
If you want to grow your dealership, you’ll need to spend some money on advertising through Facebook.Facebook Pixel is a great tool that measures cross-device conversions, optimizes delivery to people likely to take action, and creates custom audiences from website visitors. Although you can do it yourself if you know how to, you can also send it to us here at AutoJini and our developers will take care of it for you. This will be super helpful with your marketing strategy and should definitely be implemented. If you want to get a better understanding of how your audience is perceiving the content your dealership is posting, you should be tracking engagement. By tracking them, you’ll know what works and what doesn’t according to your audience and you’ll be able to plan your advertisements and posts accordingly. To turn those simple engagements into conversions, start by ensuring you are targeting your ideal customers. Take some time to research your customer base and the correct keywords and content that they would most likely click on and interact with. It won’t matter how much money you’re pumping into your advertising campaign, if you don’t do simple research on your audience, you’ll never get the growth your dealership is striving for.

Finally, you’ll be able to tell if your dealership truly is growing based on the metrics Facebook provides for you. The four most basic metrics are results, reach, impressions, and cost per result. All of the metrics are fairly self-explanatory but to start off, your reach shows how many people saw any content from your page or about your page. Results show how many times your advertisements have achieved their anticipated effect during your campaign. With your cost per result, this breaks down the amount you spent per impression or conversion that formed the basis or objective of your campaign. Finally, with impressions, you’re able to see the number of times any content from your page or about your page entered a person’s screen. Additional metrics induce quality metrics, click metrics, awareness metrics, and quite a few others, but we’ll get into those more at a later time.

Our team at AutoJini is made up of experts in the automotive industry. We have worked with tons of differing dealerships small and large to establish a good brand and convert more leads into actual customers. We hope you have found today’s blog informative and helpful. As always, send us a message or give us a call at 515-232-2024 and we can help with any Facebook, Google, or general dealership questions you may have.