2015 - The Year To Launch Your Dealership Blog

2015 – The Year To Launch Your Dealership

Dealerships generally don't have blogs on their website. First, dealers are not yet convinced that they need a blog. Second, they find it challenging to find relevant and interesting content that will appeal to their clients and readers.

The Internet Manager or General Manager of a dealership is the lead decision maker when it comes to making day-to-day changes to the dealership's website. For them, their main responsibility is to monitor the leads coming from the website and other 3rd parties. Content writing is not their forte, so trying to convince them to start a blog is a hard sell. As a result, there is typically no blog on a dealership's website.

The need for a blog on a dealership website has increased with new releases by Google, and will continue to evolve in 2015. As Neil Patel predicted in his latest blog titled "10 Marketing Predictions You Should Prepare for in 2015," SEO is going to get harder in 2015.

Google will keep releasing new updates, making it harder to implement and get reliable results from old SEO techniques. Google is paying more attention to content that is relevant and informative. Therefore, it is a must that auto dealerships start a blog on their websites with valuable content to maintain their current rankings and to improve them over time.

While it is hard to create new and original content, it is much easier to edit, polish, and update an article written by someone else. This reduces the stress of producing content every week or two. Now, Internet Managers can outsource content writing by simply giving a content writing service a topic and requirements. The Internet Manager need only then review and edit, the content provided by the service prior to publishing it on the dealership's blog.

Using a writer or writing service is not a silver bullet, but it comes as close to a silver bullet as possible. With some patience and a little luck, a dealer will not have a hard time finding the right person or company to write a decent article that meets the dealership's content requirements.

A good place to start is Fiverr.com. This service costs almost nothing and the dealership can try several writers before selecting one. One can also use Craigslist to advertise for a good copywriter with a respectable track record.

A dealership's blog articles should be educational and informative, and not sales oriented. Users gravitate towards blogs that educate and provide valuable information. A blog provides an excellent opportunity to build trust with your clients and readers, so instead of ruining this opportunity with sales promotions, use a blog to build customer loyalty and achieve higher SEO rankings.

Best of luck in 2015 - See Your Site At The Top of Google!