AutoJini Referral Program

Refer a dealership and get $200 in credit!

Here’s how it works

Refer a dealership to AutoJini
Your referred auto dealership chooses AutoJini to host their website
You will receive a $200 credit once AutoJini receives the first monthly payment
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Frequently Ask Questions

How do I refer a dealership?

All you have to do is fill out this simple referral form with the auto dealership’s name, a contact name, phone number, and email. Any information that you can give us is helpful, but the only required section is a contact email for the auto dealership that you are referring to us.

Who can I refer?

You can refer any auto dealership or service center. (i.e franchise dealer, independent dealer, or a dealership with multiple locations)

Will I get notified when a dealership I referred chooses AutoJini?

There is a referral section in the back end of AutoJini where you can find the status of your referrals. We will let you know when a dealership you referred signs with AutoJini.

When do I get my $200 credit?

Once the dealership you referred signs with AutoJini and makes their first payment, you will get a $200 credit towards your next invoice. We can easily apply the credit to your bill for the next month. The referred dealership will receive a $200 credit towards their first month with AutoJini.

How many dealerships can I refer?

You can refer as many dealerships as you would like. For every dealer you refer that signs with us, we will give you $200 in credit.

What if I get multiple referrals in one month?

If you accumulate extra credits that exceed your bill for that month, we will apply those credits to the following months.