Automotive Remarketing Services


Most of us have seen remarketing ads before. They are the banners in the middle of pages or the content boxes on the sides of pages that advertise other sites. These ads are designed to catch the attention of the readers and entice them to visit the advertiser’s page. Hopefully, the page they're brought to is one that the readers have interest in. Recently, remarketing services have been likened to that of spam ads. This is an association fallacy. The reason that remarketing advertisements have been labeled as spam is that these ads usually use buzz words and terms. This approach is easily mistaken as spam since spam ads tend to use the same tactics.

So why should you employ remarketing if it is sometimes seen as spam? The reason you should use remarketing ads is that it can vastly improve the traffic on your site. If you are already running a PPC campaign with Bing and AdWords (Possibly Facebook too), then it can be inferenced that the market you are targeting will most likely not see these as spam. Those people will see your ad as an opportunity to view your site and possibly choose to do business with you. The bottom line? You are missing out on traffic and possible business if you aren’t using remarketing ads.

Dealership Remarketing that Works

Most remarketing ads will use buzz words to attract the attention of readers. This is why remarketing has a bad name. At AutoJini, we believe in a different approach. Using targeted long-tail keywords is the better choice. Think about it; how likely is someone to click on something that isn’t important to them? We want your dealership to be seen in the best light possible, and targeting the auto industry instead of making broad claims in your remarketing ads is how we will do it.

What our Remarketing can do for you

  • Ad submission
  • PPC campaign monitoring
  • Cost management
  • Discovery of keywords and selection
  • Landing page optimization suggestions
  • Automotive centered lead tracking
  • Continuous campaign improvement
  • Updated reports on how your campaign is doing

Advertising for Autos

Here at AutoJini, we know how important it is to capture an audience. We want to help you find yours. Our PPC campaign managers know the car industry and how to best target customers. We guarantee we will bring leads to your site!

Remarketing Pricing

The price of remarketing is dependent on the scope of your operations. That being said, it is relatively inexpensive. It is difficult for us to give a blanket quote since it will vary depending on the volume of accounts and keywords in play. If you’re interested in getting a quote, contact us to check availability, and we will give you a free quote.


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