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Facebook Inventory Apps

The future of your dealership is heavily impacted by how well it is integrated with the online community. Facebook has made its place as the most used social media platform today with 2 billion daily active users and today's new marketplace.

We've developed several Facebook applications for auto dealers that are maintenance-free. The apps automatically pull information from your website and place it on Facebook. Now your followers can easily browse, schedule, and share information without ever leaving Facebook, and you don't have to do anything extra.

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Facebook Marketplace

Millions of people use Facebook Marketplace to look for their next used car. In fact, over 20 million people click on used vehicle listings every month in the United States. Gain more exposure for your inventory listings by placing them on Facebook Marketplace.

AutoJini’s Facebook Marketplace application takes information from your inventory management system and places it on Facebook Marketplace for you! Reach more people in your local area today when you team up with us.

Use AutoJini's Facebook Inventory Apps For:

Inventory Showcasing
Recently Viewed Vehicles
Specials & Coupons
Scheduling Apps
Customer Reviews
Vehicle Details & Photos


Q: How do I list my cars on Facebook Marketplace?

A: You can manually list each vehicle in your inventory on Facebook Marketplace to connect with local car buyers. As of now, Facebook only allows used vehicle listings. With AutoJini, we pull information from your inventory management system and place it on Facebook Marketplace under your dealership Facebook page.

Q: How do you publish my cars on Facebook Marketplace?

A: We created software that takes the cars you list on your dealership website's inventory and automatically places it on Facebook Marketplace. You only have to create a listing once! When you use our inventory management system, you only have to create one listing and we will export your vehicles to third party websites including Facebook Marketplace, AutoTrader, Dealer.com, and many more!

Q: How many people buy their cars from Facebook Marketplace?

A: According to Facebook, over 20 million users click on a used vehicle listing every month. At AutoJini, we will export your inventory to Facebook Marketplace and give your cars more exposure than ever before. 

Q: How do I advertise my cars on Facebook?

A: There are a few ways to advertise your cars on Facebook. The first way is to place your inventory on Facebook Marketplace. With AutoJini, we will automatically pull information from your inventory management system and place it on Facebook Marketplace. Another way is to create a Facebook ad campaign.

Q: Can car dealerships post on Facebook marketplace?

A: Yes, car dealerships can make listings on Facebook Marketplace. You can manually upload your used vehicles, or we can automatically pull information from your inventory management system and place it on Facebook so that you don’t have to.