Why Responsive Websites are Crucial for Car Dealership Marketing

Many car dealerships and local businesses lose out on potential customers every single day because of their poor websites or lack thereof. Cars are an expensive purchase, and therefore the buying and researching process is longer. Most vehicle research is conducted online and on several different devices. Dealerships that don’t have a website are less likely to be discovered, visited, or make a sale because of their lack of visibility, and automotive dealers that have a website that doesn’t work properly across all devices lose customers due to the lack of time a customer spends on a website that isn’t attractive. This white paper proposes an easy solution for automotive dealerships to solve this problem: by implementing responsive website designs.


We are moving towards a car shopping experience that is more digital, mobile, and online than ever before. Customers conduct research for their next vehicle purchase on a variety of devices: desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, mini laptops, and more. 77% of American adults own a smartphone, 53% own a tablet, 66% own at least two different digital devices, and 90% of online users move between different devices.

Responsive website designs work seamlessly across all devices

To ensure that users will get the best experience every time, Google recommends websites to be responsive. A responsive website is one that adapts to any device. They will work seamlessly across all devices and look clean and professional.

Benefits of a responsive website

Responsive website designs are crucial for car dealerships in today’s market because it establishes your credibility, increases your visibility, is mobile-friendly, only requires one URL, loads faster, and improves your Search Engine Optimization.

  1. Establishes Credibility
    According to YellowPages, 30% of consumers won’t consider a business that doesn’t have a website. A dealership, or any business for that matter, needs to have a website. It makes your dealership look more professional, more credible, and it is your number one marketing asset in today’s digital world. A study conducted by Local Search Association in April 2017 showed that 63% of customers use a company’s website the most to find information about their business and engage with them. Not having a website in today’s market essentially means losing business and losing possible sales.

  2. Increases Visibility
    Potential customers may never find dealerships in their area that don’t have websites. The average person visits multiple dealership websites and reads their online reviews several times before deciding which ones to visit. Google conducted a study to get a detailed look at a customer’s car buying journey. Over the course of three months, a customer conducted 139 Google searches and had over 900 digital interactions. People do their vehicle research online, thoroughly, and on different devices. A dealership that doesn’t have a website won’t make it to a customer’s final cut.

    It is crucial for dealerships to have a website to be discovered by potential customers. A responsive website can be found and viewed on any device, which improves your visibility and increases your chances of being found by new customers.

  3. Mobile-Friendly
    According to a study published by Ipsos, 71% of respondents stated they used their mobile device to research and look for cars, and 58% said that in the future they intend to only use their smartphone to research for their next vehicle purchase. Mobile devices are the future of the internet and vehicle research.

  4. Reach Users from Any Device with One URL
    Responsive websites eliminate the need to have a separate mobile version of your dealership website. This saves time and money because edits only need to be made on one website, and the changes will update instantly for users who reach the site on the device of their choosing.

  5. Faster Loading Time
    A responsive website is compatible with different browsers and devices, which makes the web pages load quickly. Users will close out of websites that don’t load quickly.

  6. Improves Search Engine Optimization
    Google and other search engines program their algorithms based on the needs and requirements of their users. People prefer websites that load quickly, can shrink or spread to adapt to different screen sizes, is clutter-free, and is informative. A responsive website design meets all the requirements and gives the best experience to users, which results in a higher ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).


A responsive website solves a lot of the issues that car dealerships come across when they try to market themselves digitally and online. AutoJini.com provides responsive web designs and web-based solutions for automobile dealers across North America. A responsive website design is easy to get and cost-effective, while remaining low in price.

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