How Faster Website Load Times Lead to Higher Conversions

We live in a fast-paced world where it is hard to capture the attention of our consumers. The average American adult has an attention span of 8 seconds or less, which means we don’t have a lot of time to work with. The automotive industry is a quickly growing market, which means that your dealership needs to stand out and give customers the most pleasant online experience to be the most successful.

Having a dealership website that loads quickly is important because it grabs the attention of potential customers, increases the time the user spends on the website, and leads to higher conversions. It also prevents the likelihood of high bounce rates by keeping the user on the web page.


According to Google, the average time it takes for an automotive mobile landing page to load fully is 9.5 seconds. Research from Google shows that 53% of users will exit a mobile page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

The car buying process is longer and more heavily researched than other purchases because it is expensive. According to Think With Google, a customer’s car-buying journey included 139 Google searches, with 71% of the searches being conducted on a mobile device. If you want your dealership to be considered by potential customers during their researching process, you need to have a website that loads quickly. Users will exit dealership websites that load slowly and put them aside, and therefore those dealerships never make it to the final cut for the customer. has optimized all websites to load in less than 4 seconds. This way, you will never have to miss out on a potential new customer or sale.

Causes for a Slow Automotive Website

Unclean coding, bad website hosting, excessive moving images, and too many advertisements are all common reasons why your dealership website might not be loading as quickly as you’d like it to. Other reasons include the lack of a browser cache, too many plugins or extensions, and having too many scripts and fonts.

Unoptimized images are usually one of the most common reasons why a website will load slowly. A web page on a dealership website will often have more than 15 photos, but they aren’t formatted correctly and therefore take a long time to load.

Websites will also load slowly on smartphones and tablets if they aren’t mobile-optimized. It takes time for the pages that were meant for desktop computers to try to display properly on a much smaller screen. Today, over half of all online searches are made on mobile devices. This means that having a website that is responsive to any device is more crucial now than ever before.

Consequences of a Slow Website

Speed affects page views as well as revenue. A one-second delay in 2018 is equal to a 7% reduction in conversions, according to Forbes Magazine. Even a website that takes 7 seconds to load increases the probability of bouncing by 113%.

Websites need to be quick, convenient, and easily accessible to be able to grab the attention of customers and keep them on their website. People are not willing to wait or waste their time anymore, so automotive dealerships need to keep their websites updated and compatible with any device.

Benefits of a Quickly Loading Dealership Website

Google rates the landing page experience of websites and uses it to determine their search engine rankings. A website that loads faster is going to rank higher because of a better score and a higher quality experience for internet users. A quickly loading website also means that your customers will enjoy spending time on your site. The longer a customer stays on your website, the more likely it will lead to a conversion or sale. This is the ultimate goal, to increase your conversions and sales.


A dealership, small or large, in today’s market needs to have a website to be discovered by new customers. Before making a visit to a dealership, consumers will first make multiple searches online before they consider making a trip. For a customer to come to the decision to visit your lot, you first need to get them to visit and stay on your website.

AutoJini has implemented the proper solutions by making all websites to have a responsive web design, meaning that all the content is optimized to adjust and work seamlessly on any device. All of the text, photos, graphics, videos, and more will automatically resize itself to display properly on the device of your customer’s choosing. This results in faster loading time, as well as a more aesthetically pleasing website overall.


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