Add Dynamic Inventory Ads to Your Google Ads PPC

Imagine: What if a customer searched for a car on Google, and that exact same vehicle that you have in your inventory showed up in their results page with the price?

It’s as if your customers are being matched to you online! Well, there’s no need to imagine anymore, because dynamic inventory ads are the solution for you.

Dynamic search ads are like traditional PPC ads on Google, but the ads are of specific cars on your lot. At AutoJini, we will create custom ads for each vehicle on your lot and update it daily with the right price.

If a customer in your area searches for a car that you have on your lot, we will make sure they are directed to your website and that car listing.

Add Dynamic Inventory Ads to Your Google Ads PPC

What AutoJini’s Dynamic Inventory Ads Will Do For You:

  • Match you to your potential customers
  • Generate more leads
  • Lower the cost of your campaign with specified clicks
  • Increase your number of car sales

Get started today with a budget of only $100/month, and start selling more cars!
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