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Exceptional Quality Window Stickers

Printing your window stickers and buyer’s guides is made easy with our dealer inventory management tool. There's no extra data to enter, no extra software to download, and especially no extra hassle involved.

With AutoJini’s exclusive window sticker and buyer’s guide functionality, you’ll be able to print high quality, eye catching documents for single or multiple vehicles with the click of a button. AutoJini enables you to use your own stock of window stickers, or our talented in-house team can custom design them for you.

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Buyer’s Guides that Drive Leads

AutoJini will not produce run-of-the-mill buyer’s guides for you. We will go the extra mile. With over 17 years of experience in the automotive industry, our team at AutoJini knows what information your customers want to see in your buyer’s guides. We will customize your guides exactly how your dealership desires, all while providing our expert feedback along the way. Rest assured that AutoJini will put your needs first.

Since our template is customizable, that means that we can incorporate all the specifics you need to include in your guides. This will include comprehensive warranty information as well as specific requirements for your guides.

AutoJini Has You Covered

With AutoJini’s comprehensive window sticker & buyer’s guides tools, your dealership will be positioned optimally to drive leads and provide the content you need in a time-efficient, cost-effective manner.