Want to increase your sales? Sell to women buyers

Want to increase your sales? Sell to women buyers


The issue isn’t about whether or not women are buying vehicles. They are. According to all the latest industry research, women even play a lead role in vehicles purchased by most men. And women are buying used vehicles as much as new ones. But, don’t presume that a woman’s expectations or process will change.

When it comes to a new or used vehicle, women’s expectations are pretty much the same. Just like men, women expect a newly purchased car to perform well. And like men, women search for the best quality that their money can buy when purchasing a used vehicle. So, where’s the difference?

Well, one fact you might first consider is that women do lots more homework and planning than men prior to a vehicle purchase. They may not be ready to purchase on the first visit. Consequently, you might want to practice patience when marketing to women. Here are 5 quick selling tips to help you market your vehicles to women:

  1. Sell safety! Quality and performance are givens. But safety is still a priority and concern for women. Women are often thinking about their family members or their growing family when purchasing a vehicle. For a used vehicle, they will definitely ask questions about previous owners and will review Carfax report. Be sure you are ready to answer.
  2. Sell space! Women don’t have to have big cars, but like closets and nooks in a home, women want spaces or places to put and tuck STUFF…sunglasses, coffee cups, luggage, shopping bags, snacks for the family, and more. So, seat pockets, compartments, and cup cubbies are a must.
  3. Sell maintenance! Women want the convenience of service/maintenance options. Used vehicles do come with a certain amount of risk. Including service and maintenance plans in the purchase of a used vehicle enhances the one stop shopping deal that women look for.
  4. Sell green! Not necessarily the color but the environmental friendliness. Women do look for unique colors in vehicles and these are getting easier to find. But for the most part, women are going green. Naturally nurturing, women are conscious of the changes in the environment and want to do their parts in keeping it clean and safe. Share knowledge about the used vehicle’s emission, miles per gallon, and more.
  5. Be Patient! When a woman enters your site or lot, she is expecting to begin a mutual relationship with you, one of trust and loyalty. She wants your name, your attention, and her questions answered. She may need two or more visits before a decision is made. So get ready to treat her well. Hopefully she will buy and love her newly purchased vehicle. For added value, she’s going to remember the treatment and tell all of her friends.

These selling tips are by no means in any order of importance. They are all are equally important when marketing your vehicles to women.

About the Author: Syed Azam is the president of AutoJini.com, a leading provider of website solutions for auto dealers. He can be reached at syed@AutoJini.com or 515-232-2024.

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