Top 6 Reasons Dealers Need a Website


How many Customers would you GAIN by having a Professionally Developed Website?

The fact is, dealerships who have websites take customers from dealers who don't have a website (or have a weak one). You're losing customers every day to dealerships that have professionally developed websites. Professionally developed websites expand a dealership's customer base and advertise inventory in ways conventional advertising can't.

Top 6 Reasons Dealers Need a Website:

1- Capture New Customers: Many prospects begin their search online (the point where they're most impressionable). If they find the right vehicle, they're more likely to visit that dealership. But even if they don't find that perfect vehicle at first glance, a well-designed site draws them in. Customers see the large inventory, the well-organized display of vehicles and information, and the wealth of information that will help them choose a vehicle… they see a dealership that “has its act together” and will help them find what they're looking for.

2 - Convey Credibility - Build Trust: Show prospects that you're not just another small dealership… give them the tools to shop in the way that they want to shop. With every page of your site, inspire confidence in your customers. Show them that you know what you're doing, and that they can trust you. Testimonials alone can draw customers to a dealership by telling them what their peers think about your dealership and its salespeople. Testimonials convey confidence and trust in a way that makes them want to approach your dealership.

3 - Allow Prospects to "Test the Waters" and Build Confidence: New prospects often want to know more about your dealership before they approach a salesperson. This gives them a comfort level, and more willing to speak face-to-face. Through your website, you let your customers know everything they want… you start building your rapport in a way that makes them feel safe and secure.

4 - Decrease Advertising Costs while Expanding your Reach: Calculate the cost of just one opportunity lost per month. You can have a professional Web site for much less than that! But why lose even a single customer to insufficient advertising? Consider how easy (and inexpensive) it is for customers to find you with a simple online search. They type in their city, and type of car, and your site comes up among only a few others… you've already weeded out more than half of the competition! The same can't be said for advertisements in the local paper.

5 - Provider More Details Than Newspaper and Magazine Ads: List hundreds of vehicles, with dozens of photos and details about each one (transmission, mileage, color, price, features and more). Update your inventory instantly, not once per week as with printed ads. Feature EVERY vehicle in your lot, not just a few at a time.

6 - Promote Up-Selling: Hook customers with your full array of services. From repairs to warranty plans, your dealership can up-sell additional services before your customers even step onto your lot.

The ultimate purpose of a website is simple: to get customers to buy your vehicles and services.

A professionally built and maintained site generates a fantastic return on investment. If you would like to discuss how we can develop your dealership website in a way that will improve your business and push you ahead of the competition, please contact us at your convenience!


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