The Receptionist-Your BEST Salesman


This article was written to highlight an often neglected area in truck sales; however it applies equally to auto dealers. Is She Getting Enough? The Receptionist-Your BEST Salesman. Submitted by Kenny and Connie Meyer, Grayson Mitchell Truck Sales The nature of our business is centered on how to sell more trucks. In attending the UTA convention in Galveston, the main emphasis was, appropriately, how to sell more trucks. However, in our opinion, the most important element was never touched on—the important role of the receptionist. All the money you spend on advertising is centered on one thing - getting customers to call your phone number. When a customer calls, do you blow all that advertising budget by allowing the phone to be answered in a "weenie" little voice they can't hear or by rambling the stores greeting so rapidly it can't be understood? The receptionist needs to understand that the total objective of the entire establishment is to sell trucks. She can learn this very simply if you include her in all staff sales meetings. This will strengthen her connection to the sales force and feel part of their success. It will also allow her to stay aware of how important the number of sold units per month is to the continued success of the business. Of course, a great receptionist who understands the value of her contribution to the business is of no value at all if the person to whom the call was directed doesn't pick up the phone and say "hello." Voicemail is a wonderful thing if it is not abused. Any call not returned within the same one-half day it is received is probably wasted. Keep the voicemail message current. If you are out of the office for the day, have your voicemail say that, then change it when you get in the next day. The answer to the question in the title "is she getting enough" is probably a resounding no. She may be getting enough for what she is doing, but is she getting enough for what she can be doing for you and your sales force? We have other ideas on how your receptionist could sell more trucks than your best salesman. If you would like more information on this topic or make comments on it, please call us at (319) 750-1010 or e-mail us at Respectfully, Kenny and Connie Meyer Grayson Mitchell Truck Sales Wayland, Iowa PS: We know you may have a male answering your phones, but to make the article easier to read, we used the female category. Either way, the information applies.

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